SHERMAN OAKS—A party being held for a young child on Thursday, September 17, was shutdown after authorities discovered that 150 people had gathered together, violating the city and county’s Coronavirus guidelines in the midst of a pandemic.

Reportedly, many of the guests were also not wearing masks, which is another violation that is expected to be enforced by the state, county and local cities.

The home, which is located at Magnolia Blvd and Matilija Ave, had police called to the scene after receiving complaints from nearby neighbors.

The party was being held in the backyard area of the home, where a stage was set up, along with a dance floor, and what appeared to be a pop up restaurant and bar.

Police did not issue any fines, but gave warning citations to the owners of the home, letting them know that they aren’t allowed to host events like that, again.

No arrests were made, as the planners of the party quickly complied with shutdown orders from police.

Past house parties in places, such as Studio City and Hollywood Hills, had to be shut down during the pandemic, with police issuing several thousands of dollars in fines due to the severity of the violations.