UNITED STATES—Mobile slots are a lot different from the slot games that players will encounter on other devices such as computers and laptops. Due to the different software, phone casino slots have to be developed and optimized in order to function properly on mobile devices. There is also a unique way in which players can deposit for these slots. 

Pay by Mobile deposit Method 

The pay by mobile deposit method is the main way that players can deposit for mobile slots. This payment method is becoming increasingly popular, with more sites than ever before giving players the option to use it. This deposit method is very simple to use, essentially players will be directed to deposit money through their phone bill rather than their bank account. This means that their phone bill is charged with making the deposit. Players need to make sure that they have a phone bill which is compatible with this payment method before they try to use it. Using this payment method is convenient and simple for players, they won’t have to remember any tricky passwords or need to use their bank details in order to use it. 

Why you should be Using it 

There are many reasons why mobile players should be using the pay by mobile deposit method. 

  1. It is fast and efficient. Pay by mobile doesn’t require as much time as other payment methods, players will have access to their deposited funds almost immediately. This makes the payment method ideal for players who are looking for a quick game.
  2. It is safe. The pay by mobile deposit method is safer for players when compared to other payment methods. Players don’t need to enter their personal card details or remember any sensitive passwords in order to use it, both of which can be stolen by hackers and thieves.
  3. There is a deposit limit. For players who don’t know when to stop, this payment method is perfect for them. The deposit limit only allows players to make a contribution of £10 per day. This guarantees responsible gambling from players as there is no way for them to exceed this total. 

Is it better than eWallets? 

eWallets are another popular payment method. Similar to pay by mobile, eWallets are incredibly safe and secure although they offer some differences in the transactions. Both have their own benefits which attract players. 

  •       eWallets are slightly more complicated to use. Although both offer a fast and efficient way to deposit money, pay by mobile is a little simpler to use for players.
  •       Both are considered some of the safest and most secure ways to make an online slot payment by players and online sites.
  •       Sometimes online sites charge players for using an eWallet, this added cost can be a deterrent for some players.
  •       Pay by mobile provides a tight deposit limit which may frustrate some players but equally this deposit limit can be seen as a positive, particularly if a player struggles with being able to limit themselves or has a tight budget.

Final Thoughts 

The pay by mobile deposit method is considered one of the safest, most reliable and efficient payment methods not just for mobile slots but slot games in general.