UNITED STATES—Most of us are already familiar with the rise of online casinos, taking the most popular games from bricks-and-mortar venues, then transforming them to a much wider digital audience. But did you know that as the most popular game of chance, slots are now being themed around legendary rock music acts? 

The merging of entertainment mediums is certainly intriguing, and many famous bands have decided to stage dive into an alternative audience, one that combines their amazing music with the visual experience of spinning reels. The list of iconic names is also growing rapidly, as is the popularity of slots themed around an eclectic selection of chart-topping rock hits. 

Spinning reels have evolved 

Slot machines have certainly come a long way, since first rising to prominence over 100 years ago in the United States. Originally using playing cards that were stuck to rotating drums, prizes were often awarded to match winning poker hands, which is one of the reasons why similar icons remain prevalent in many games today. 

This also explains why slot machines are also referred to as pokies in Australia, where gambling entertainment is widely accepted as an entertaining pastime. What’s more, gamers ‘Down Under’ are quite a selective breed, often seeking out reviews for the best online pokies in Australia, based upon expert reviews covering the quality of gameplay from top casino sites. 

But as we turn our attention back towards the music industry, just like curious and eager casino gamers in other countries around the world, Australians are pumped whenever they encounter the chance to play new pokies. And what better way to accompany the thrill of gambling, than spinning reels backed by amazing rock tunes. 

Ozzy Osbourne 

When you’re a Rock And Roll of Fame inductee, multi-Grammy winner and overall music industry icon, one has to wonder what’s left for Ozzy Osbourne to achieve in life. Unfortunately, age and illness have caught up with the former Black Sabbath singer, who is now unsure if he can tour in 2023, according to frustrated comments to Australian publication The Music. 

Nevertheless, the fabled ‘Prince of Darkness’ remains highly active, having released his 13th solo album – Patient Number 9 – last year. Meanwhile, capturing the very essence of his on-stage presence, casino games developer NetEnt also reeled out their own homage to his legacy, releasing the officially licensed Ozzy Ozbourne pokies. 

Surely no coincidence, this high volatility game is packed with features, based around a gothic five-reels display and multiple bonus options, triggered by icons of the rock Wildman himself. But undoubtedly the most appealing factor of all, this game includes spine-tingling guitar riffs and of course, many of his most famous tracks to accompany our fun with the reels. 

Guns N’ Roses 

Full of energy and still going strong after all these years, Guns N’ Roses were formed in 1985 and quickly made their mark on the rock music scene. 1987 debut album Appetite for Destruction topped the charts practically everywhere, selling more than 30 million copies within a year of release. 

The band last hit Australian shores towards the back end of 2022, filling six of the biggest sporting arenas around the country, thrilling fans who attended. While they won’t be back in 2023, given the huge demand to visit other countries and venues, Guns N’ Roses do have their own dedicated pokies, featuring five of their greatest hits. 

“Welcome to the Jungle” gets us going, as icons including band members Axl Rose and Slash blaze across our screens, along with album covers and other Guns N’ Roses iconography. “Sweet Child o’ Mine” is also featured, along with “Paradise City” and other great tracks, making this a fun quest for bonuses and jackpots for Aussie pokies afficionaldos. 


We can’t finish without mentioning easily the most famous rock band from Australia, given that AC/DC was originally founded in Sydney, going on to sell more than 200 million records worldwide. They are also phenomenal to see live, having toured every corner of the globe during the last several decades. 

Although they don’t have their own dedicated pokies, which must be coming at some point, one developer is clearly inspired by some of the most famous AC/DC songs. “Thunderstruck” and “Highway to Hell” are just two slots by Microgaming, albeit focusing on other themes around the spinning icons, yet with enticing rock music to reel in players. 

But will these rock legends ever get their very own pokies? Well, that remains to be seen and it won’t be for the lack of trying, especially given the famous bands already getting casino gamers in a spin. Just imagine “Let There Be Rock” or “Shoot to Thrill” as tracks to accompany a great slots game, and let’s hope this dream combination becomes a reality before too long.