UNITED STATES—After opening your startup, you’ll need to take the next steps to bring in your first customers. Remember, your service or product will not sell itself. It would be best if you put in the work to ensure that it will get out to the right people. Understanding how to bring in the right customers will ensure your company is a success from the beginning.

Optimize Your Site for SEO

Every business should have a website, and part of the reason is that it can help you get to the top of search engine results. A good website can bring in organic traffic at a lower cost than running paid ads. Look into intent SEO, which lets you drive more traffic to your site and multiply your company revenue. You can look over a guide on building a successful business and how intent SEO increases traffic from search engines. That way, you’ll be optimizing for the right keywords in the right way.

Talking to Your Friends

Start with people you always have connections with and go from there. Let all your friends and acquaintances know that you are beginning a startup and ask them to bring in referrals. Even if you don’t know many people willing to do this, you can still get a few valuable connections that might lead to another client. Remember, don’t start selling immediately. Instead, try to solve problems with your service or product.

Don’t stop once you have the first few clients. Marketing might or might not be your thing, so start with the people with who you are the most comfortable. By doing so, you can become better at pitching your company to those you don’t know. As you do so, you’ll expand your network and be able to tap into other people’s networks as well. Consider people who might have connections with your target audience.

Create a Blog

There are many reasons to have a blog, and it’s best to start before you grow the company. However, even if you have not created a blog yet, it’s better to do it now than never. A blog helps attract new clients without the need to run ads. Advertising has its place, but most people don’t like them, and they tend to annoy potential clients. But a blog feels more authentic and makes people more willing to trust you. Blogs let you tell the story of your brand or product.

Find an Online Community of Likeminded People

Go to the places your customers congregate in. Since the internet is so big, there are likely already people talking about your niche or industry. By putting yourself at the front of the action, you’ll get more traction than even regular news coverage. Once you find these communities, you can become part of the action. Try to find ways of answering relevant questions and giving information. You can build connections, swap advice, and look for new customers. That way, you can grow your startup while broadening your skillset.