UNITED STATES—The world is an exciting place for a young person. There are wonderful museums, towering castles, and beautiful fjords. Unfortunately, traveling requires a lot of money. And some of those amazing cities in Europe are insanely expensive. Does that mean that we can fulfill such dreams only when we get a degree and a job? Thankfully, by using some creativity and research skills, you can plan a mind-blowing budget-friendly trip to the land of your dreams.

Europe, in general, is an exciting travel destination. The climate is quite comfortable. There are villages and cities full of breath-taking historical monuments and interesting people wherever you go. Besides human-made wonders, there are terrific views of nature. Foodies can find some exquisite dishes to taste and appreciate. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to travel to some of these beautiful places. There are many reasons for this: travel expenses, hotel prices, or high cost of groceries.

Many people are aware that Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are some of the most expensive countries to visit. Not only airline fares to these countries are some of the highest – in some regions, but even a simple cup of coffee will cost you a fortune. Great Britain, especially London, is very expensive as well: the flights are long, prices bite, and English pound is far from cheap. Cities beloved by the youth – such as Amsterdam or Paris – are also not really suitable if you have a low budget either.

So, does it mean one is forced to buy travel books instead of writing them? Thankfully, no! There are multiple ways to save your hard-won money – and still get to experience Europe at its best.

Find An Intern Position In The Country Of Your Choice

There are always intern positions to be found for students in various fields of study in the country of your choice. They are easier to find in the tourism and business – related areas, but you can find them in other fields, too. Of course, one has to fight for them. You need to have good grades and experience. It may help to contact a personal statement helper that can assist in making your application even more impressive. Of course, undertaking an internship means hard work, but you would surely have some time for sightseeing as well.

Find Volunteer Project

Internships are hard to come by. Volunteering is more readily available. It is wrong to think that volunteer work is only for far-away countries like Thailand or Paraguay. There is a lot of European-based projects available. And some of them take place in some of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe, such as Switzerland or England. Volunteers can participate in a variety of tasks:

– helping children, homeless or refugees;

– protecting wildlife;

– helping out in various events;

– helping local farmers;

Some volunteer projects are highly in demand, though. You would need to undergo serious interviews. It is good to find a consultant or personal assistant to help with required procedures and paperwork.

Carefully Plan Your Own Solo Trip

People do not usually want to work during their own holiday time. They would really prefer to relax and meet new people instead of contacting a writing service in order to find new work. But to lower your travel expenses, you need to plan very much ahead. Some deep research is required as well:

  1. Know the timing of festivals and events in your chosen country. At this time, the prices would be the highest, and it would be nearly impossible to find a free place at a hotel. But off-season you would be able to get cheap deals and affordable plane tickets.
  2. Monitor the airway companies. Nowadays, even low – cost companies such as Ryanair have stricter policies with cabin luggage. Cheap tickets slowly go extinct. Thankfully, most of the companies do have occasional sales. It is good to remember the one should buy tickets three-four months in advance – this way the price can be lower.
  3. Forget about hotels. It is best to find cheap lodging in student hostels, privately rented apartments or even go couch surfing – taking due precautions, of course! You can also substantially decrease transport costs with carpooling.
  4. Use your student privileges. International student cards are of a great invention that you can benefit from. With them, you can get discounts on train and bus tickets, museum tickets and find other good deals.
  5. Stay safe! All your money saving is useless if your wallet is stolen. Be careful of pickpockets and avoid having a lot of cash on hand. Check all the references for lodging or BlaBlacar drivers. Your life is worth more than money.

There is an exciting life ahead of you. There are new people, new languages and great sites. And you just need to do some careful and thoughtful planning to open the door to it.