UNITED STATES—Advancement in technology is revolutionizing every aspect of human life. Like every other, the sports industry is evolving to leverage the latest technologies to improve the fans’ experiences. Perhaps the most significant leap in this adoption of video-assistant referees (VAR) in 2016.

Today, this and other technologies are transforming sports into something new. According to Sean Conroy, the Commercial Partnerships Director for Genius Sports, every sport is or should be, investing in sports technology. The technology should help improve all aspects of competition using data gathered. Football, for instance, has become digitally enhanced and data-driven competitions between two teams. It is no longer just a physical matchup between two groups of players chasing after a ball.

Some conservatives do not understand why there is a need for sports to evolve with the times. The truth is, stadium attendances are dwindling for live matches, and not just because of the Coronavirus. Some fanatics choose to stream events or create their own, the same way they play casino games.  If you are looking for a simpler alternative to the football experience, check out what casino gamers are saying on https://casinotalk.com/.

In this post, we will focus on three ways that technology has revolutionized the football experience.

Technology-Assisted Refereeing

The introduction of VAR (video assistant referees) in football greatly improved the quality of the game. It is now unimaginable that it was acceptable for referees to award irregular penalties, direct cards, and even goals. The game is not less disappointing and more trusted by the fans of each playing side. VAR was the first necessary technology adopted that brought fairness to the game.

Instant Replays

As the world becomes more connected than ever, the connection extends to the pitch. Modern stadiums feature connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cameras at every corner. These IoT devices communicate to capture events and people from varying angles for the benefit of the fans. You cannot miss a thing in an action-packed football game because with the right device, you can rewind a live event to view what just happened.

On-Demand Streaming

What do you do when your favorite football team is playing on a night you are working? Do you call in sick to attend the match or miss it and feel miserable about it forever? Technology offers another alternative: live streaming on demand. You can catch an event that ended hours ago and watch it ‘live’ when you need it, thanks to advancements in video streaming technology. Now you do not need to be available at the time of the game to enjoy it.

Real-time Stats

Have you heard of smart players’ uniforms with embedded sensors? Yes, it is a real thing now. These smart uniforms have the technology to read the player’s physical stats in real-time. Players can now see the players’ up-to-the-minute stats, including position, speed, and stamina. The data can be instrumental for fanatics who enjoy betting on teams and players. It can be used to predict a player’s future performance and develop a betting strategy even during the game.

Social Media

Social media has been the gift that just keeps on giving. If you think social media marketing is the best this tech has to offer, you are wrong. Social media has impacted on football experiences in many ways. For starters, fans can express their reactions and opinions directly on social media platforms. Event organizers and promoters have used Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to promote matches. Fans get to upload their reactions and leave comments that are then displayed on stadiums’ large screens. The use of social media tools brings both the fans in attendance and those following from home on the same page.

The game of football will never be the same for the fans. As we integrate technology in every aspect of our lives, we also ourselves. The new football experience is different, but is better or worse? What other ways do you think technology has impacted how we enjoy the game?