UNITED STATES—When it comes to finding fun things to do in your spare time, playing games at online casinos is top of the list for many people in the USA. Not only can it be rewarding financially but it helps you to relax after a busy day, or have something interesting to do when you have time to fill. With more states in the US choosing to legalize online casino play, more people than ever are logging on to see what all the fuss is about.

One thing that has really helped online casinos flourish across the USA and the rest of the world is the software they utilize. Without this, they would simply not have seen the amazing success they have. What might surprise you is that the online casinos themselves do not produce the games they offer. This is instead done by third-party casino software game developers. For a list of the best casino software developers, bestonlinecasino.com is worth looking at.

It is fair to say that the software now being produced has improved vastly over time – mainly due to new software creation technology and more powerful devices for people to play on. But just how has online casinos’ software kept getting better as 2020 rolls on?

Lots of content based on top movies and TV shows

If you think playing online casino games is no more exciting than watching a few reels on an old-school fruit slot whirr away, think again! The software that developers produce for casinos uses branded movie and TV show tie-ins to offer more. This is certainly set to continue in 2020 and beyond, because players just love slots that let them interact with their favorite characters. From Narcos to Emmy-nominated Game of Thrones and from Bridesmaids to Gladiator, the branded slots you can play offer considerably more excitement than older, unbranded titles.

Greater innovation and looks

Playing any modern video slot in 2020 is a really mind-blowing experience and shows just how much casino software has improved. The graphics in most modern games are ultra-sharp and lifelike, while the sound effects are crystal clear. When you add immersive storylines and smooth reel animation, it is clear how much the whole software development sector has progressed over recent years.

The other major innovation in terms of casino software is the huge range of bonus features found in games. While you might have had very basic Free Spins or Respins in the past, modern slots contain everything from creative grid mechanics that deliver more wins, to stacking Wilds and awesome mini games. This is one aspect of casino software that has really improved and 2020 is no exception. Playtech is one of the leading casino software companies and its Age of Gods slot shows just how advanced modern titles can be.

Security of software is top-class

To be fair, security has always been a top priority for developers, but as you would expect, it is better than ever in 2020. This is great news for players at online casinos and allows you to enjoy any slot at a licensed operator with total peace of mind. The best software developers that casinos use ensure their games are fair and are free from viruses or scams. In addition, online casinos themselves will use top-end security, such as SSL and software from companies like Norton, to help.

Instant and mobile play

Another area in which casino software in 2020 has certainly improved is mobile play. This is a niche within gaming that has really exploded since smartphones became popular with the public. As these phones are internet connected, they allow you to enjoy casino software from anywhere and at any time. This could be your during lunch break at work or some spare time at home. Many people even play mobile casino games in their hotel room when on holiday! A place such as Abu Dhabi has lots to offer but having something to chill out with when back in your room is always nice. Decent developers now make the latest slots with mobile players in mind. Instant play has also become a much bigger feature in modern casino software – you can simply log on and play games instantly, without having to download any software first.

Casino software in 2020 has moved on significantly

If you took a video slot from 2020 and matched it up against one from five or 10 years ago, you would be really amazed at the difference. Modern software from giants such as Microgaming, Play‘n GO, Playtech and NetEnt offers so much more in terms of features, sound, innovation and looks. This bodes well for the future of online casino play in the USA and beyond.