UNITED STATES—Approximately 6,000,000 people apply for a green card every year but only 1,000,000 (i.e., around 17%) applicants receive the green card. Although the immigrant population has reduced drastically over the last decade, foreign-born citizens accounted for 13.7% of the U.S population in the 2019 consensus.

The United States is the most chosen country by immigrants because of its exceptional working and settlement opportunities, thriving economy, and friendly people. For this reason, millions of people flock to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website every year to try their luck. The following are the best ways to apply for and win the best green card as per your tastes and goals.

Marry Your Way to the U.S

Marrying a permanent U.S resident or citizen is the easiest way to win your green card. But the marriage ought to be real and legal, and the person sponsoring your green card should be at least 21 years. If you are looking to join your kid, parent, or spouse in the U.S., you can apply for the visa and have it approved anytime.

The relative sponsoring you for the green card must submit a USCIS Form I-130 petition to certify the relationship and Form I-485, adjustment of status. If the relative being sponsored is not based in the US, the green card will go through consular processing since the U.S. Department of State issues such green cards.

Invest or Work Your Way to the U.S

Do you hold a top-tier professional badge or you’re an internationally-smart investor? Do you think your skills can benefit U.S businesses, or your new company can create over ten jobs? If you answered yes, you can get your dream green card by getting sponsorship from your U.S-based employer or starting a profitable business in the U.S.

Through the EB-5 direct investor program, you can receive a green card by investing over $500,000 in the U.S. You must fill out the I-526 Immigrant Petition form and get approval from the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. If you get a permanent job offer in the United States, you can get your green card by filling out the USCIS Form I-140 Immigrant Petition.

Achieve Your Way to the U.S

Are you a top-tier footballer, basketballer, or gambler? Or you’re an icon or genius that never misses a shot whenever given a task to complete? You can exploit your talents and achieve your green card by doing what you love best. Like other countries, the U.S is ever in need of brilliant and genius performers in every field.

Do your best to win globally recognized awards such as Pulitzer Prize, Oscar, and Grammy, and buy your way into the use. Some of the world’s benefactors of this green card are Ryan Renolds and Drake. If you’re using medical marijuana especially in Oklahoma, do not forget to apply for a medical marijuana card Oklahoma as soon as possible!

Win the Yearly Green Card Lottery

People in specific countries can also win their way to the U.S by applying for the Diversity Green Card Lottery. The DV program is conducted annually where qualifying candidates apply for a green card to win their way into the U.S. The green card is specific in that entries are submitted online, and the candidates applying for the Visa must meet all the said criteria. This program sponsors approximately 55,000 immigrants from the target countries. Applying for the program is free, and it is advised that you apply for the visa yourself.

Get Your Green Card Through Studies

Apply for a U.S student visa to study master’s or bachelor’s degree to win the one-year Optional Practical Training work permit. While working for a U.S employer, get your employer to apply for the H1B work visa and a labor certification to prove that no American worker has the capacity and is willing to take the job. Once the labor certification is approved, you can head to the Department of Homeland Security USCIS to apply for your green card. This is the longest and most demanding way to win your green card but also a promising one.

These are great ways to apply for your U.S green card and earn your permanent residence and citizenship in the U.S. Know which routes to take to avoid disappointment and increase your odds of getting approved.