Airsoft is an activity that combines military elements with a bit of survivalism. This is a real treat for people who love to spend their free time being active with friends. If you are starting out in tactical gaming, you should get the right equipment.

What are the types of handgun replicas?

The basic piece of equipment for every player involves – of course – the replica. This is the ultimate tool with which you effectively eliminate players from the opposing team. If you want to hone your shooting skills, you should pay attention to handgun replicas. They are small but very useful devices that may save you in a key moment of the game. Among the replicas available at Gunfire you will find two distinctive types – pistols and revolvers.

The first are characterized by much greater versatility. You may find models that allow you to fire single shots, as well as versions that allow you to shoot in impressive series. The revolvers have a unique design and a special magazine that holds only 6 balls. Replicas of classic pistols are a go-to solution for players looking for backup equipment to take out their opponents in moments of surprise. The revolver has a much lower fire rate. Moreover, reloading takes slightly longer than with replicas of regular pistols.

Contrary to what you might think, equipping yourself with the right gear for airsoft games is not an easy task. You should also have the right uniform, protective gear and additional accessories to increase your comfort during even the most difficult game scenarios. Each participant should also have a suitable replica. The choice often depends on your shooting skills as well as your position in the team. Not every player who shoots a sniper rifle will know how to use a shotgun replica. Apart from the so-called main replica, there are also backup replica versions. Many participants forget about such equipment, it can, however, prove crucial during the hottest moments of the game.

There are three types of power supply for handheld replicas

For each type of airsoft replica, three characteristic power supply systems can be distinguished – electric, gas and spring. No matter what kind of replica you are looking for, choosing the right power drive should depend on your skills and preferences. Electrically powered backup replica will be most comfortable. Its operation is based on the use of a special mechanism powered by a battery, which allows the ball to be effectively pushed out of the barrel.

Gas versions, as the name suggests – use gas, sealed inside a dedicated can. Operation of this type of replica requires regular maintenance and periodic replacement of the gas cartridge. Spring versions, on the other hand, require tensioning the spring hidden inside the replica after each shot. Revolvers use mostly gas and spring-powered. This will allow you to benefit from the realistic handling of the replica.

Useful additional accessories for backup replicas

Choosing a backup replica is no easy task. Everything depends on your requirements regarding the equipment and your shooting skills. Revolvers have a unique design and will allow for realistic immersion during airsoft games. This type of replica is usually equipped with Blow Back technology. It allows for the characteristic recoil of the replica after each shot. Classic versions of replica pistols may turn out to be a hit when you prefer dynamic games. Apart from single-shot pistols, there are also machine guns, which can be used to fire bullets in bursts.

When considering backup replicas for airsoft, dedicated additional accessories should also be taken into account. At Gunfire you may find many gadgets that will allow you to comfortably store your replica pistol or revolver. An additional holster that can be mounted on trousers or a tactical waistcoat will be a great purchase. Optics may prove to be very useful, especially with regard to standard pistol replicas. Equipping yourself with the right aiming equipment, such as a collimator or laser sight, will help you take accurate shots. Moreover, optics will effectively decorate a handgun replica, making it quite unique.