UNITED STATES—Crowded work weeks can be difficult to handle, whether you’re in school or working for a company. Many students consider college the most stressful week of a college semester, and if your company gets extra work and has to go into overtime, you’re sure to find yourself worn out and exhausted as it starts to weigh on you. How can you make sure that your work doesn’t completely wear you out? Use these tips to make sure that your next stressful work week isn’t as stressful as the last one.

Create a Schedule

As soon as you know you’re going to have a packed week, whether it’s three months in advance or three days, sit down and create a schedule to get through it. Think about how long each assignment should take you, then add on at least 20% to ensure that you’re not underestimating. Schedule out everything you need to do: writing papers, going to lectures, sitting in meetings, helping coworkers, or taking tests. Though you should maintain some flexibility in case your plans change, having a preexisting schedule can be useful to keep yourself on task.

Set Timers and Alarms

When it’s time to sit down and work, use a timer or alarm to make sure that you’re actually working for the specified amount of time. It’s all too easy to lose track of time or waste time constantly glancing at the clock. A good tip is to take a 5-minute break about every half hour. Get a snack, stretch, or watch a short video, then go back to work for the next half-hour. The alarms are also great for breaks; by setting an alarm, you’re more likely to actually get back to work in five minutes, rather than getting lost in social media for half an hour.

Take Time for Self-Care

Even when your schedule is completely packed, you need to take time for yourself. In fact, when you indulge in self-care during a stressful week, you can end up doing much better work with much less stress. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult, or time-consuming either. Consider making yourself some hot cocoa every night when you get home, or sitting in the bath for 15-20 minutes before bedtime. Even during the breaks you take when you’re actively doing work, you can give yourself five minutes of peace and quiet. It’s the little things that count when your week is unbearably stressful.

Sleep as Much as Possible

When people are in a stressful situation, sleep is usually the first thing they pare down on. Caffeine rules school campuses during finals week, and employees take a coffee break alongside their lunch break every day. However, sleep is an incredibly important part of being able to do quality work. If you cut down on your sleep, you may be able to fit in more studying or active work, but the quality will suffer, and you’ll have a harder time even doing it. You might not be able to get a full eight hours every night, but get as much as you can, and try your hardest not to pull any all-nighters.

Try CBD Oil

When you’re in a stressful situation, you may feel helpless and riddled with anxiousness or frustration. If you’re having a hard time managing the stress and anxiousness, try CBD oil. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil helps you maintain a sense of focus and calm, which allows you to do more work and less worrying. It also promotes healthy sleep, which helps you to get the most out of your sleeping hours, no matter how many there are every day. It’s an all-around helpful addition to a healthy life, especially when you’re dealing with severe stressors like school or work.


There aren’t any tips that will completely get rid of stress in your life. However, with the right tools and an optimistic attitude, you can absolutely manage the stress that you do have, even if you feel lost at the beginning. Especially when it’s just a crowded week, you know there’s an end in sight, and that can make all the difference. When you’re entering crunch time, make sure you implement these tips, and grab some CBD oil to enhance the stress relief. You can make it through these stressful times. You just have to use the resources you have available.