UNITED STATES—Chronic pain is one of the most common medical problems that adults face. You might be dealing with this issue as a result of a past accident, prior surgery or because you have another type of underlying medical condition. If you’re constantly uncomfortable throughout the day and find it difficult to sleep at night, it can be difficult to get through life. You may find that you constantly give up on things that you want to do, like traveling or spending time with the family. Your severe discomfort can even cause mental health problems like anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Regardless of the type of pain that you’re currently dealing with, there are ways for you to effectively deal with the discomfort each day. Taking charge of how you feel may seem difficult at first, but it is a lot more beneficial than you think. By taking control of how your body feels, you’re more able to do things in life without the chronic agony getting in the way. You’ll feel more comfortable and will be able to relax at will. In terms of how to effectively deal with how you feel, it’s important to try different methods and to give each method time to work. Small changes to your lifestyle lead up to big things, so give it time before you start to feel better.

Stress Management

Stress plays a major role in terms of chronic pain. When you’re seriously stressed, your immune system suffers and inflammation within the body may become aggravated. In turn, the discomfort that you might have felt before is exasperated and made worse. Stress management is more than just punching your pillow at night after a long, hard day. The key to stress management is to realize that you need to make small changes that add up to big things. It can take time for your body to naturally relax and calm down, so you shouldn’t expect miracles after just one yoga session. Some of the best things you can do to relieve your daily and nightly stress is to meditate, practice deep breathing, connect with friends, engage in a hobby or to cut out toxic relationships from your life. If your job is stressing you out, try talking to your employer or coworkers and if all else fails, start looking for other forms of employment.

Endorphin Release

Endorphins help to naturally relax you and give you a deep sense of well-being. If you’re in constant pain, this rush of endorphins can help to either eliminate or diminish the agony that you face day after day. There are a couple of ways for you to benefit from an endorphin rush in your everyday life. The first and most obvious is to exercise more regularly. For people who are dealing with chronic conditions, like arthritis, it might seem impossible to exercise because you assume it’ll make the issue worse. However, exercising helps to get the body moving while releasing feel-good emotions that benefit how you react to daily stressors. Some other great things to try include aromatherapy, watching funny videos or movies, enjoying a bar of chocolate or listening to soothing music. Connecting with a loved one during an intimate moment can also help in pain reduction because of a natural endorphin release.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is used by millions of people to help treat and deal with a number of different conditions. While it’s often used to treat mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression, it is most commonly used to treat chronic pain. Cannabis contains two different types of cannabinoids, THC and CBD. It is thought that the way medical marijuana works to treat pain is by reacting to certain cannabinoids within the brain. For inflammatory issues, cannabis can be helpful in reducing the inflamed area and blocking pain receptors from reaching the brain. Many have even found marijuana to be helpful in treating nerve-related disorders, like shingles. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever before to receive your medical marijuana card online with NuggMD.com. You simply fill out an application and will be approved shortly after submitting it. Your medical marijuana card is legal and can be used at virtually any dispensary online or off.

Join a Support Group

Dealing with daily discomfort can take a toll on your happiness and sense of well-being. You might feel anxious and even depressed because of how you feel on a regular basis. Rather than deal with these emotions on your own, it is time to reach out to a support group. Support groups can be found either online or off, and they allow you to talk to others who are in similar situations as you. This gives you the chance to get things off of your chest in a way that makes you feel better. You can even exchange pain relief remedies with each other, which can help in trying new things that help you feel better. These support groups are often free to join. For online-based groups, you can even join anonymously so that you do not have to share your identity when making posts.

Track How You Feel and Look for Triggers

Most often, pain is triggered by different things that you do on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to keep a journal for yourself and track which days you feel good and which days you feel poorly. You might find that eating certain foods causes you to feel worse the following day. You might notice that performing certain exercises causes you to feel better for a short while. By keeping a detailed journal, it’ll be easier for you to know what’s working and what’s not working. Likewise, you can jot down any medications or supplements you’re trying and track how you respond accordingly. When taking a new supplement or medication, remember that it can take roughly a month before you start noticing any significant change. For this reason, don’t forget to write down when you started to take something new to decipher if you’ve given it enough time to work.