UNITED STATES—Refrigerators are a boon to our existence, aren’t they? But what happens when they suddenly stop working? It’s a nightmare. One of the most common problems due to wear and tear is that your fridge’s door seal wears out.

A broken fridge door seal can be a resounding problem for you. It results in the leakage of cold air and a severe temperature imbalance in your fridge. That, in turn, can lead to a host of problems. However, finding yourself the best fridge repair professionals can quickly solve this issue.

However, the availability of real fixappliances professionals is scarce. Due to high demand, it may take a professional quite some time to arrive. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ways you can fix your fridge temporarily to minimize the damage. But before we get into how to fix the refrigerator door seal, let’s consider why you should prioritize it.

How to Fix Fridge Door Seal?

Knowing how to fix fridge door seal comes with knowing why you need to do it. The reasons you should be prioritizing it are:

  • The door seal helps keep your fridge door shut. Without the fridge door seal, your door may flip open at any time, even with a light push.
  • The door seal also prevents leakage of the cool air inside the fridge. Without it, cool air leaks out and causes pressure on the fridge’s cooking system to constantly churn fresh cool air. It may cause the cooling system to fail quicker.
  • A broken fridge door seal also results in major temperature fluctuations inside the fridge, causing its contents to rot.

Thus, now that you know why fridge repair is important, let’s get into the details of how to fix fridge door seal.

Loosen up the Screws

The first step in how to fix refrigerator door seal is to loosen the screws up. Lift the door to locate the bolts holding the seal in place. Then slowly unscrew them but don’t take them out of their place. The key is to loosen them up sufficiently to move the seal around. We recommend turning off the refrigerator to conserve energy.

Peel It Off

The next step requires care and patience. Using your hands, you’ll need to slowly peel the seal off the fridge door. The seal is generally attached to a shell. Thus, you should be extra careful with it to ensure that you don’t pull off the shell along with the seal!


The third step involves washing the door thoroughly with soap and water. Using a paper towel, dry the seal. If the seal has cracks in it, replacement is essential. Carefully washing the seal and the fridge ensures that you remove all the excess debris stuck on the door’s edges. It also helps you inspect whether or not the seal is torn, has holes, or is broken. In such a case, replacing the seal will be your only option.

Applying Silicone

Applying a thin layer of silicone is recommended on the side of the door that connects to the fridge. This silicone grease helps improve the door’s functionality and prevents the seal from cracking due to wear and tear.

Attach It

After you’ve completed greasing the door, it’s time to reattach the seal. Take the seal in your hand and reattach it behind the white frame of the door. Once you are done with this, you’re good to go. We recommend starting at a single corner and then working your way around it, as it makes it easier.

That’s what you need to know regarding how to fix fridge seal. However, that’s not all. There may be numerous issues that occur with your fridge door seal. Thus, it’s often the best choice to connect with a professional fridge repair service.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Repair Service

Saves Time

A professional is someone you hire with years of experience working with appliances much like yours and who does so daily. There are numerous benefits to doing this. In addition to resolving your immediate problem, they will identify and alert you to any potential future issues with your appliance as they work.

It’s comforting to know that the technician servicing your pricey equipment has serviced that particular model numerous times—possibly even 100 times. You have faith that the job will be done correctly.

Great Repair Work

A reputable appliance repair service not only saves you time but also successfully resolves the issue. As your refrigerator gets older, problems are more likely to occur. Refrigerators with chillers, for instance, frequently fail 3–4 years after being bought.

As a result, you will need an increasing number of repairs to keep your fridge operating properly. If a professional completes the task, the likelihood of having another repair decreases. It’s because professionals guarantee high-caliber work. They know all about how to fix fridge seal.

A DIY fridge repair can sometimes backfire, causing the device to sustain extra harm. But with a qualified service provider, that’s not the case. Hire an expert to reduce the likelihood of damage and lengthen the life of your refrigerator’s life.

Protects Your Appliance

You should contact an appliance repair professional if you recently purchased a broken item. It is crucial because the warrant may become void if you attempt to fix the refrigerator. Your warrant can continue to be in effect if a professional inspects and repairs your appliance. The warranty that comes with the appliance can expire, and you’ll have to pay more than you anticipated if you decide to take matters into your own hands and commit to fixing it.

Thus, we suggest you try out the steps we mentioned in our ‘how to fix refrigerator door seal’ list. If that doesn’t work out, your next best course of action is to call a professional fixer who knows how to fix fridge seal and can get the work done in no time.