HOLLYWOOD—The drama series that delivers so many twists and surprises has returned for season 3 people. Yep, “How to Get Away With Murder” is back for more twisted chaos, and after that cliffhanger where we saw Wallace Mahoney shot dead right in front of Wes it left me slightly rattled. The episode, ‘We’re Good People Now,’ opened with Wes delivering a confession to the police, before being picked up by Annalise, and it looks like Wes had a conversation with Frank before heading to New York!

Well, well, Frank is playing the puppeteer to seek a bit of redemption and revenge for his past sins. So was Frank the guilty party, because the audience didn’t get confirmation. Annalise dropped a bomb on Wes about what Wallace did to her and that Frank ‘used’ both of them. Yep, Frank committed the deed and saved his head and face to deliver himself a new look, as both Wes and Annalise unleashed a bit of anger as an emotional outburst.

So The Keating Five are back, Wes, Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Asher to kick-off their second year of law school. Things got off to a bumpy start as someone posted a picture of Annalise and labeled her as a ‘killer.’ It did indeed throw the top-notch lawyer off her A-game for a moment. The Keating Five were concerned about the photo, but Annalise was not; she told them all is fine, but the looks on their faces said otherwise. Annalise sent a text from a flip phone to a very important person, I’m wondering who was on the receiving end?

Laurel is grappling rather her allegiance should be to Frank or Annalise and she continued to do her best to get into contact with him. Things became more chaotic on campus as tons of photos of Annalise labeled as a killer made their way to the surface. Looks like over summer break, Annalise made certain to touch base with each of the Keating Five, and Oliver did his best to become a member of Annalise’s team by divulging to the professor he got rid of Connor’s acceptance letter to Stanford, and he is one top-notch hacker.

Quite interesting, Asher and Michaela are still hooking up and Wes got his first taste of what life as an attorney would be like as he defended a client on the verge of being deported. Michaela utilized Asher’s notes to her advantage to earn a ‘gold star’ with her professor. Wes and the others learned that sometimes defeat is part of the lawyer game. It was a shattering moment to watch Oliver break-off things with Connor, but that is tricky people, I mean they’re both working for Annalise so they’ll see each other on a consistent basis.

The new president of the university decided that it was a time for a change in the legal academia as it became clear that The Keating Five’s academics suffered as a result of her teachings. Little did the university know, it was a result of them covering up some crazy murders to say the least! Bonnie alerted Annalise that the buzz around school and her reputation is reaching a bigger audience than they suspected. The ladies drowned in their sorrows talking about Frank and Sam. The sexual tension between Wes and Laurel was so evident, but he couldn’t forget that her face reminded him of Frank, not to mention he has a girlfriend, named Maggie. A kiss was about to transpire, but Maggie arrived interrupting the moment. Can anyone say love triangle people? Annalise continued to text the mystery person looking for an update on the whereabouts of Frank, and she managed to get a location on her former associate. However, rather to take out Frank weighed heavily on her, which resulted in Frank gaining the upper-hand on the assassin.

The final moments of the episode was one hell of a shocker, as the body in the beginning of the episode was revealed to be none other than? Um, we DON’T KNOW! Now, that is a major got damn tease from the writers. Instead of us trying to figure out who did what, we’ll be putting the pieces to the puzzle to figure out who died in that fire each week. I guess the biggest clue is that it’s someone super close to Annalise.

The fact that we witnessed her break down in anguish as her house went up in flames, is perhaps the biggest clue. An interesting twist to say the least this season “How to Get Away With Murder” as we’ll learn someone is safe each week. “How to Get Away With Murder” airs Thursdays on ABC at 10 p.m.