UNITED STATES—Blackjack, like poker, is a popular card game played by millions of people all over the world. It has been long since the game was remodeled and presented in the online world. As more and more states in the US legalize online gambling, right after sports betting was legalized in some, more and more online casinos will be available. That means that players will enjoy more bonuses and rewards for all types of games, including blackjack.

The online version of the game differs in many ways, besides the number of promotions websites offer. Because of those extra rewards players have a high chance of winning and because the card dealing is done via a computer a player can be sure that each game they play is fair and square. Novices might have a tough time when playing their first games of blackjack online which is why they might seek out all the advice on how to improve their blackjack game. The following tips are here to help first-timers increase their winning odds when playing blackjack online:

Make a Strategy   

Before you make an account and dive into the action you should learn all there is about the game including the rules and the online variants of it. The next step is to look for the online casino with the bonuses most suited to your needs as a beginner. After you’ve established the two previous points make sure you read up on blackjack strategies and pick one that fits you.

Pick a Table and Learn It 

As mentioned before, online casinos offer different versions of blackjack. Before choosing a table read all the information they’ve put about it so you can know if it benefits you or not. A table that plays blackjack at 3 to 2 will make you more money in the long run and you should stick to playing at that table. If the odds change look for a more favorable table. Never pick a random table and always know the odds you’re playing against.

Learn to Pay Attention

Even if you’re playing blackjack at a table that’s to your benefit it’s a question of time when the odds are going to change either in the long or short run. Paying attention is one of the skills that professional online blackjack players have and a skill that you should learn. You will have streaks of good and streaks of bad cards, but when paying attention you’ll be able to notice the tables that make the streaks predictable. With that, you’ll know how to play before they happen.

The Fewer Decks the Better

Counting cards may be a useful skill when playing tabletop blackjack, but it’s useless when playing online. All cards are randomly selected so it’s impossible to guess them. As a beginner, you should look for a blackjack game with fewer decks of cards since you’ll learn how to play the game better which will pay off in the long run.