UNITED STATES—What is motivation? Motivation is the aspiration to attain a specific goal or objective. It is the most critical factor that influences setting and achieving one’s targets. Therefore, motivation is vital due to its ability to establish a culture in people that enables them to accomplish more than they ever could. Motivation is an element that transforms a good idea into immediate action, while the absence of this critical skill can, therefore, lead to one’s failure. Therefore, is motivation important? And how can you keep yourself motivated during the most challenging and complicated tasks?

Why is Motivation Important?  

It is common for one to face challenges in the execution of tasks. Motivation is the driving force that encourages us to push past the obstacles hence achieving the tasks successfully. There are times when things in our lives do not go as we have planned, which may mentally affect an individual. However, motivation makes you push harder even when things do not go as planned. Typically, one can feel like giving up, especially when s/he experiences failure or embarrassment, but motivation is essential in driving them to rise again and continue trying.

Notably, not everyone is born with motivational skills, but this does not mean one cannot be motivated. Adopting and culturing such skills would be the determinant of the success of your tasks. So, are you always motivated to perform some tasks you deemed impossible and complicated? Motivation is what instigated Steve Jobs to establish Apple, Mark Zuckerberg, to institute Facebook, and it is the reason why Bill Gates created Microsoft. Reasonably, motivation teaches perseverance, and Thomas Edison affirms such a purpose in his famous quote, “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that would not work.” Therefore, when reality persuades you to give up, motivation teaches you to persist since man’s most significant weakness lies in giving up. Also, remember to reflect on your failures to motivate yourself for better achievement and success. Never look at your failures with regret.

Motivation is also important in the academic success of students in learning institutions. A recent study conducted in Turkey reveals a relationship between the best performers in school and motivation. The study concludes that both motivation and self-esteem have a positive influence on students’ success in learning institutions. 

How To Keep Yourself Motivated? 

Remind yourself regularly. It is critical to keep reminding yourself why you want to engage in a specific activity. Writing down or saying aloud the reasons why you want to participate in a task may drive an individual to accomplish such tasks. Assuring yourself the benefits of accomplishing the tasks is also helpful as it boosts one’s self-drive. 

Partitioning of tasks. Breaking down assignments or activities into smaller portions helps assist one to accomplish a more significant task. Subdividing of tasks supports one in executing them effectively as it makes it relatively easier – this is essential in saving time. Beginning with simpler tasks that you can complete within a shorter period helps create momentum in accomplishing the more complex tasks. 

Make your tasks fun. If your tasks seem to be complicated or terrifying, you may be discouraged from beginning to work. It is, therefore, vital to make the dreading activity more exciting. For example, consider involving other parties and compete with each other on who would be the first to complete the task. One may opt to mix things up, making them more interesting and motivating them to accomplish an assignment. Listening to music when doing exercises in the gym can be quite helpful in enhancing one’s drive. Also, you can consider taking part in Zumba or kickboxing classes compared to going to the gym.  

Positive self-talk. Interestingly, people may be not only their best motivators but also their worst critics. Therefore, they have to push themselves using positive affirmations and self-talk. For example, students may opt to motivate themselves using positive self-talk related to education. You can find the words that focus your mind on making something valuable. Check that on edu-quotes.com and get external power for your motivation. It is worth trying it at least once for having a student take education seriously and positively, no matter the circumstances. American Educational Research Journal also revealed that positive self-motivation has a positive influence on academic achievement. 

Occasional rest breaks. Work overloads tend to make people less productive. One must schedule occasional rest breaks throughout the process of accomplishing assignments. Such breaks are vital in relaxing the mind and stretching the body. The absence of rest would lead to burnout and decreased productivity and, eventually, the poor quality of work or extended time to accomplish the tasks. 

Rewarding yourself. Promising yourself a prize after achieving a task or assignment may assist your motivation. Getting yourself a reward, especially after completing a complex task, may keep you excited and build momentum for the next job. For example, you may decide to reward yourself with new pairs of shoes, get a massage at the parlor, or treat yourself to a latte after accomplishing a particular task.