UNITED STATES—The United States is often described as the land of opportunities. Little wonder it’s the country with the highest number of immigrants, with over one million people moving in yearly. There are many reasons why you may have decided to join this number. It might be for education, work, permanent legal residence, or you’re seeking asylum. Whatever the reason might be, you, like other immigrants, want a share of the American dream and can get it if you have the right US immigration advice.

Immigrating to the US is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. The sheer number of people pursuing the same goal as you make it tough. But it’s achievable. Numerous pieces of information exist online on navigating your way to and through the US, but finding the right information can be overwhelming. Also, there’s no guarantee that whatever advice you’re getting online is the right information for your situation.

We want to ensure you get the best US immigration advice without struggling too hard; that’s why we’ve put together these tips on seeking immigration advice to get into the US.

Where to Get the Best US Immigration Advice?

As we’ve said earlier, there are several reasons why people immigrate to the US. It might be for family reasons, work reasons, studying, etc. There are different processes for your immigration, depending on how and why you’re immigrating. So, your best bet is to seek advice suitable for your specific situation or immigration reasons.

An appropriate source for advice when you’re traveling for education or academic reasons may not be ideal if you’re traveling for work reasons. This is a mistake that many immigrants and intending immigrants make.

Some intending immigrants pay bogus sums to individuals and agencies for advice, consultations, and help with their immigration process. However, unless they’re specific about the kind of consultations they give and it’s specific to your immigration route, then they may not be helpful.

If you’re migrating for education reasons, your best bet for immigration advice is the school you’ve gained admission to. Ensure you’re in touch with them. They’ll be more than willing to help in every way possible and won’t charge you for a consultation.’ Immigrating to the US is expensive enough; you should avoid incurring additional costs.

The same thing goes for a work visa. The company offering you a job is your best bet for immigration advice. Speak constantly with whoever is in charge. They’ll be willing to help you through the process until you arrive in the states.

It also helps if you have families in the country already. They can more easily put you through the process and see it through.

These sources provide first-hand information, advice, and important tips for your journey. They’re also specific to your situation, making the advice more effective and practical than random advice you’re likely to find in online sources. This isn’t to vilify online sources; it doesn’t mean they’re not credible or relatable. It’s more helpful to have a human connection through your process, especially someone invested in seeing you come over.

Other Reliable Sources of Immigration Advice

An Immigration Lawyer

A US immigration lawyer is your best bet for getting accurate legal information about immigration to the US. Note that this is not just any attorney, but a professional that specializes in US immigration issues. While a general attorney may have some idea about the migration process and laws, immigration laws tend to change very often. Someone that interacts with the system quite frequently is better positioned to give you the advice you need. Immigration lawyers also provide additional services like helping you get ready for interviews, preparing your document, appealing denials, and so on.

The US Home Office

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provide prospective immigrants with various free resources to guide their visa application process. However, for more specific information relating to your country, you can visit the US home office in your country to find answers to your question.

Online Communities

Chances are, you’re not the only one from your home country that has ever migrated to the United States. This is good news because members of your community already in the country are a great source of immigration advice for anyone seeking to enter the country as well. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find and connect with these communities online and seek advice from them. They may also be able to assist you with basic things like accommodation and settling in when you eventually arrive.


When it comes to getting immigration advice, you need to take extra caution. There are a lot of scam artists around waiting to prey on unsuspecting immigrants. The complicated nature of the entire immigration process also makes it difficult to find accurate information. Knowing how to sieve all the information you’re getting and settle for the right one will make things a lot easier for you.