UNITED STATES—Sports fans turn themselves into professional bettors because of the money they can potentially earn and the thrill of placing bets.

Like any other sports event, horse racing is covered by online sportsbooks we can find on the internet today. Sportsbooks indeed allow bettors to place the bets and receive the payouts through their bankrolls. However, there are cunning websites that take advantage of the bettors, especially the beginners.

How are Sportsbooks Different from Each Other?

Sportsbooks are different in many things. Through most of the betting options they offer mirror each other, they largely differ when it comes to the following:

  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Betting opportunities
  • Customer service
  • Speed and type of financial transactions offered
  • History and reliability

All of the sportsbooks will ask for the same personal information details before allowing you to sign up. Of course, as you sign up, you’ll be able to know the sign-up bonuses and promotions.

Apparently, if you try to look at the offer by another bookie, you’ll see how they differ in drawing new users to join through their promotions. Well, it’s only one of many factors that make bookmarks different from each other.

Choosing the Legitimate Sportsbook

Spotting a legitimate sportsbook is simple. If you’re already aware of the indicators we’re about to discuss, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re still in the phase of selecting the right sportsbook for you, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered.

1.     License to Operate

If you’ve read through the terms and conditions and found no trace of a sportsbook’s license to operate, try to contact their customer support and look for it. Legitimate sportsbooks flaunt their license to operate so that they can earn their potential users’ trust.

The best sportsbooks on the web have their licenses published somewhere on their site’s page since it’s one approach to prove their legitimacy.

Keep in mind that some sportsbooks deceive their clients by including false or outdated licensing contracts. A license made available to you isn’t enough to justify a sportsbook’s legitimacy. It’s a prerequisite to all legal sportsbooks. If you’ve noticed one without displayed license details, never trust your money to it.

2.     Horse Betting Options

There are many types of horse betting you could choose from. These racebooks should be capable of offering every kind of bet that you like. There’s no point if they only offer a bet where you can only choose the horse to win the game.

In choosing a horse racing betting site, scan their catalog of offered tracks, the number of bets they have for each race, and the races they cover. If you’re rooting for any contenders in the 2021 Kentucky Derby, see to it that the racebook comprises it in their list. Don’t bother signing up unless you see everything you want on their menu of wagering offerings.

3.     Customer Supports and Help Centers

Legitimate sportsbooks will do their best to cater to all of the customer queries. Now, if you’ve been contacting their customer support and got no answer after a couple of days, consider canceling your deals with that sportsbook. Bear in mind that the timeframe or responding to customers outlined in terms and conditions must be followed.

Legal sportsbooks can be contacted by email or phone call. These lines are expected to be available around the clock. This is to ensure that the customers are well-guided in the site navigations and relevant inquiries.

4.     Bonuses and Promotions

Of course, sportsbooks carry out the business by inviting as many clients as they can. In order to persuade the clients, bonuses and promotions will be offered right away.

Some bonuses are common among sportsbooks. These are bonuses for first-time users, referral bonuses, frequent player bonuses, and giveaways for returning players.

Absolutely, these bonuses are effective in luring clients to sign up for them. However, massive bonuses that sound too good to be true are indicators of a cunning sportsbook. The truth is, they have no intention of granting you the bonuses; they only want you to deposit your money and expect nothing.

5.     Maximum Extent of Wagering and Transaction

For professional bettors, the size of bet offered by a racebook is essential. You can know how much you can wager on an individual race or bet type through such information. If the limits are beyond you’ve expected, your planned strategies might be impossible to carry out, consequently affecting your chance of winning.

6.     Positive Reviews

All online businesses are verified through the reviews they get from their customers. The same goes with racebooks; potential clients should read the positive comments and even the reviews of the dissatisfied clients.

Some would write a review on the payout process and the user interface, so you should really take the reading seriously.


The internet is full of intentional frauds, and racebooks are no exemption. Now that we can bet through our mobile phones, we tend to think that convenience also guarantees legitimacy. As bettors, it’s our responsibility to guard our money against frauds and enjoy horse racing without threats of deception.