UNITED STATES—Your employees are at the very heart of your business, they’re facing your customers and representing your company. Therefore, they must have the tools and knowledge they need to do this successfully. When a company has a strong brand image, they can increase their brand awareness, which in turn results in higher numbers of repeat custom, a higher value of the business and an increase in revenue.

Sadly, many SMEs neglect to adequately train their employees and keep them in the loop in terms of brand guidelines and knowledge, making it difficult for them to accurately represent the business and push success forward. By highlighting the importance of your brand identity and recognizing the connection between your employees and your brand, you’ll be astonished at the impact on your customer numbers and your revenue. If your brand strategy needs reworking or assessing, then check out this website for the latest information on developing brand strategies.

Now we understand the importance of employees and your brand, let’s explore how to transform your employees into brand advocates, read on to find out more.

Remember To Treat Your Employees Right

While it might be easier to get your employees to sing your praises whilst they’re on the clock, if these feelings are disingenuous, then they’re unlikely to continue this approach when they’re with friends, family or even on their social media accounts. If you want your employees to advocate your brand then you need to treat them right. When employees enjoy their working environment and feel comfortable in their working roles, then they’re more likely to speak highly of your brand and share their contentment with others.

Make Branding A Pillar of Your Company Culture

As a business, you’ll have a set of core values and your employees must be representing these values in and outside of work. By incorporating branding into your company culture, you’ll be able to introduce a “brand-centric” approach which means these values are always at the forefront of your employees’ minds. Whether you have them wearing branded merch, you give them pens and stationery, water bottles to take to the gym etc – consider an “always branding” approach to make the most out of your employees and their dedication to branding. 

Incentivize Branding Efforts  

There’s nothing wrong with giving your employees an extra incentive to get your brand out there. You could encourage them to share business-related content on their personal social media pages or on other platforms by giving them discounts, recognition for their efforts, additional bonuses or another form of praise. It’s simple – yet highly effective.

Utilize DAM Software

Utilizing Digital Asset Management Software can keep your brand guidelines in one centralized location and help your employees utilize these assets whenever they need them. It also ensures that all digital assets are up to date and easy to find, so that no employee is using out of date product or business information, ensuring a high level of brand consistency throughout your business and amongst employees.

Final thoughts…

Working with your employees as advocates for your brand is an effective way to establish stronger connections with your clients and increase brand awareness.