HOLLYWOOD—The ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder” is known for knocking off some major characters in the beginning and the end of its last five seasons. However, this fifth season finale didn’t see anyone meet their maker, but there were tons of surprises that have left my head spinning. I swear this is the one series that leaves me desperately waiting for the new season. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the episode stop reading now!

The twist that still has me confused is the situation involving Laurel’s mother. I truly do not know if she is dead or alive. I mean last week, Laurel received that gift of the scalp of her mother’s head that was drenched in blood. On top of that reveal, the audience learned that Emmett was not the person who met with Nate’s dad, it was Laurel’s brother, Xavier Castillo. Yes, that was a bomb that came out of nowhere and I never expected it. ‘Please Say No One Else is Dead’ delivered more meat to the story for the viewer. Xavier pleaded his case, but Nate Leahy Sr. wasn’t buying what he was being sold.

Laurel was in a tailspin realizing that a vast majority of the chaos that has transpired is a direct result of Laurel and her family. I hate to say it, but Annalise has a point, and Frank was the only person willing to defend her honor. Guilt that is the one weakness Annalise has. Michaela, Oliver, Connor and Asher were unsure if Laurel’s mother was truly dead. There were more developments, as it became clear that Governor Birkhead was working with the Castillo family, specifically Xavier. The question I have is why?

Emmett was being framed by the Castillo family, which left Teagan shaking in her boots. She knows how ruthless the Castillo family can be. Ron was offered the opportunity to become the new district attorney by Xavier. Laurel concerned about her wellbeing asked Oliver and Connor to serve as custodians to Christopher if anything happens to her. Emmett was stunned to learn that Jorge Castillo is framing him for murder, and another bomb was dropped: Emmett is running for DA.

Bonnie came to the realization that Ron didn’t take out Nate Sr., especially after realizing the doubts he shared about being DA. Nate went digging for answers, and it became clear that Ron was attempting to prevent Nate Sr. from meeting his maker, but Nate being Nate got a bit aggressive and was locked up as a result. Annalise didn’t like that the FBI bugged a conversation she had with Teagan about Emmett’s role in Nate Sr.’s death. Michaela was getting closer to Gabriel, who is a bit darker than the audience could have ever realized; it looks like Laurel is the punching bag of the episode.

Laurel desperate to prove her allegiance burned Christopher’s bloody blanket to show she can be trusted. The twists keep coming as Frank decided to threaten Officer Gadden who lied about what really happened with Nate Sr. and she divulged: Xavier Castillo! Ron was indeed innocent and to protect Bonnie and Nate from the truth, Annalise and Frank created an epic ruse to make it seem as if Ron was in on the hit. Vicious? Yes, but desperate times call for desperate things.

Emmett revealed that the Castillo family is known for having district attorneys in their back pocket, and we know that to be true America. Laurel met with her brother, with Annalise by her side to get to the bottom of his role in everything. Laurel called out her brother on the whereabouts of their mother, and he seemed genuinely stunned to learn something may have happened to the matriarch. Xavier doesn’t like Annalise that much, and Connor, Asher, Oliver and Michaela made a move that may have been a mistake; they turned over evidence to the FBI regarding Laurel’s mother. Laurel was stunned by her brother’s stunt, and when Annalise revealed that Miller tricked him, he didn’t like that.

Sensing the walls closing in on him, Xavier called Governor Birkhead to move along with her public announcement to point the finger elsewhere. Connor, Asher and Oliver were stunned to learn that Annalise knew Michaela’s birth father. Michaela and Gabriel gave into temptation after dancing around each other for what seemed like weeks. Just when all seemed good, bad things were transpiring America. Emmett was ready to have a celebratory drink as he planned to announce his run for district attorney. Governor Birkhead plead her case, just as Bonnie learned that Ron ‘played a role’ in the death of Nate Leahy Sr. thanks to Frank and his deceptive ways.

The final moments delivered a twist that I wanna say I saw coming. Annalise and Laurel bonded, just as it appears Emmett had his drink tampered with or he was having a heart attack from the news being revealed that Emmett murdered Nate Leahy Sr. (which we know not to be true). Too bad Annalise didn’t keep an eye on Laurel because she vanished into thin air, and Christopher was kidnapped. Why, oh, why do I suspect the Castillo family to be behind these disappearances? That is how you leave the audience with a cliffhanger America!