STUDIO CITY—Hugo’s Tacos announced on July 13 that they would be reopening their Studio City location after closing two weeks earlier.

Hugo’s announcement of closures.

Hugo’s has been open since 2005 serving two locations: Studio City and Atwater Village. The owners announced on June 28 the closure of both locations due to customers harassing employees over the mask mandate and refusing to abide.

The conflict started the trend #nomasknotaco with Hugo’s loyal customers showing their support to the local shop by leaving notes at their closed sites and donating to a GoFundMe campaign for employees that raised over $50,000. Hugo’s made a T-shirt for sale with the hashtag.

“It has been an astonishing two weeks. Supporters from across the country advocating for us, sharing the message of peace and a plea for cooperation in their own communities,” they said. “Hugo’s Tacos is going to reopen this week at the Studio City location. New protocols and equipment will take getting used to, we may not get it perfect at first, but we will work out the kinks and open again in Atwater Village soon,” the owners stated on Facebook.

New guidelines will include a security guard posted at the front door during busy hours of operation to make sure every patron is complying with the County Health Department. Patrons are also encouraged to use curbside services.