SANTA MONICA—Hulu, the Santa Monica based streaming app service went out of service on Tuesday, September 8 impacting customers on the West Coast.

Hulu users were facing an array of troubles accessing the app, some were logged out and others reported seeing green screens and error messages.

Customer took to Twitter to voice their concerns. One customer wrote, “JUST signed back up for your service and can’t watch anything again. It’s all frozen. I have the best internet speed. So, don’t blame it on my service. It’s You.”

Another user wrote, “It sure would be nice if you’d say something about what’s going on right now as we all think we’ve been hacked. We can’t login to get your “help” but we get to hear you repeat all about it over & over as we are on hold.”

On Wednesday, September 9, Hulu responded to the its users’ complaints on Twitter and apologized for the inconvenience caused saying, “Sorry for interrupting your shows yesterday! The good news is that our dev team pushed out a fix and everything should be back to normal.”

Hulu noted if customers still see the problem persist after a reboot (, then to contact the company.

The streaming service has more than 25 million users worldwide and provides a huge range of shows, documentaries, movies and more.