SANTA MONICA—Hulu is set to sponsor the City of Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share program, which will provide 500 public bicycles at 75 stations throughout Santa Monica and a few locations near Venice.

Hulu, a streaming television and movie service, headquartered at 2500 Broadway in Santa Monica, has committed to a 5-year sponsorship for the Bike Share program that is set to launch on November 12. The Santa Monica City Council approved the sponsorship on Wednesday, October 14.

According to a press release from the City of Santa Monica, the program operated by CycleHop LLC, “offers flexibility for one-way bike rides to get around town in a fun, healthy and environmentally-friendly way and achieve the Santa Monica community’s goals to reduce car trips and GHG emissions.”

The program will also be supported through user fee costs, which includes a pay as you go option of $1 for every 10 minutes and monthly or yearly membership rates. Until December 31, anyone can become a Founding Member, which enables users to get a full year of bike share usage at $99. Founding members will also have the opportunity to have 60 minutes of daily riding time, a limited edition Founding Member card and a special prize offer.

“The Council authorized staff to search for a sponsor last November, and we could not have found a better fit-a local, innovative and green company to partner with,” said Senior Planner and Breeze Bike Share Launch Manager Elizabeth Bar-El.

The Senior Vice President of Marketing at Hulu also released a statement saying, “As a local company, we are dedicated to giving back to the community in ways that will help benefit the city for the long run. We’re excited to help locals, visitors and our team members commute throughout the city that Hulu calls home.”