BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Human Relations Commission gathered at City Hall at 9 a.m. on Thursday,  January 19 to finalize the recommendations to be made to the Beverly Hills City Council on January 24 regarding Landlord-Tenant issues.

The Human Relations Commission is presenting the Tenant Landlord Forum. The Commission will assess tenants situations and advise on a plan for resolution.

Recommendations will help to bring changes to the Municipal Code that will update the decades overdue ordinances. Landlords and tenants were encouraged to participate in the meeting and share their opinions publicly.

The recommendations discussed included developing a database for the 8600 family-units in the city by the Community Development and utilizing the database to set up a rental registry system in the city.

Other recommendations included establishing means to limit the annual 10 percent rent increase by the landlord. Landlords in the city of Beverly Hills can evict tenants without a cause and change and the current No-Cause Eviction ordinance to include a relocation fee was one of the recommendations discussed during the meeting.

These recommendations will be submitted to the City Council during next Tuesday’s meeting.

The meeting also embedded conclusions arrived at in the liaison meeting on January 12 between members of the public, two Human Relations commissioners and City Council members Lili Bosse and Kathy Reims.

To obtain information in an easy-to-read guide – download here or request by mail by contacting (310) 285-1119.

More information about renting in Beverly Hills is available on the Beverly Hills Community Preservation Division webpage.

The Commission invites community members to utilize the Forum at the monthly Commission meeting, occurring every third Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Community members will have 10 minutes to present and discuss their situation. The Commission can consult on next steps to address the issue. The Commission is not able to intervene directly between involved parties.

There are two rent control ordinances, both in Title 4 of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code: Chapter 5 Code and Chapter 6 Code. All tenants in apartment units will fall under one of these two existing Code Sections.

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) consists of five members of the Beverly Hills community appointed by the City Council to advise, recommend, assist and encourage activities and programs to be undertaken to promote positive human relations in all aspects of community life. Click here to learn more about current commissioners.

Written By Arjun Balasundaram and Casey Jacobs