HOLLYWOOD—As of Saturday, June 26, a marijuana dispensary employee who had been found dead at his job on Thursday, June 24, has been identified by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office.

Hollywood Holistic 2 worker, Ila Ali Packman, was spending a day on the job when the shop was raided beyond his will. Soon following the attack, 39-year-old Packman was then stabbed to death. At approximately 9 p.m., the store operator arrived to see Packman unresponsive. He was considered dead shortly after being found.

Authorities initially reported that Packman’s cause of death was highly due to the fatal stab wounds that were found on his body; however, an autopsy is being conducted to confirm these allegations as well as find any other possible causes behind his death.

Another similar incident occurred just a few hours earlier that Thursday afternoon at the Higher Path Holistic Care Collective located on Sunset Boulevard in the Echo Park neighborhood.

According to reports, there were four armed attackers involved in the raid when they demanded two of the store’s employees to “lie face-down at gunpoint,” shooting both victims, leaving one dead.

The individual killed in the shooting was reportedly 27-year-old, Los Angeles resident, Matthew Benjamin Butcher.

Police authorities have also suggested that the severity of each victim’s case could have possibly been fueled by the executed acts of local gang members.

To date, no further developments have been reported about these two cases; however, police investigations are still in effect until officials are able to find a possible motive behind the killings. Autopsy reports will be released on a later date.