HELLO AMERICA!—After so many years of working, viewing as well as meeting new faces and talents ascending on the American Entertainment industry, I have been rather conservative of my reception to them, after all I’ve seen them come and go. However, when I finally received a taste of Idris Elba’s magic persona and talent, it was absolutely hypnotizing. The guy is an absolute gift, more so than all the Poitier’s or Denzel Washington’s, even though I have tremendous respect for both of the American actors.  Elba reeks of class in the order of a Gable, Tracy or even or even the mischief moods of a Bob Mitchem.  In other words, he golden in every cinematic way!

Having been made aware that the actor was British and had made quite a name for himself in that country starring in such TV series as: “The Wire,” “The Office,” “Luther” and in feature films as “American Gangster,” “Thor,” “Pacific Rim” and  it was rather simple to understand why Idris is being singled out as quite an artistic discovery.  Watching him in the British series as “Luther” was quite easy to believe why Hollywood filmmakers are bending over backwards to find new and exciting films which would highlight his many talents.

As a marketable feature, Idris has universal appeal.  He is non-ghetto in the American sense, he has class galore and one gets lost in the character he is creating instead of being reminded that he is one of “color,” which most Black actors are forced to hint “jokingly” about being black which is quite boring.  The only actor who doesn’t seem to fall in that category is Sidney Poitier.  Idris is being allowed to create simply a certain type of “human beings” ones with flaws, certain powers and attributes but one who finally faces the challenge for simple survival.  This is something all actors strive for but most have not mustered enough power to satisfy that creative, artistic dream.  This is definitely a reason why Idris deserves so much respect and support in the general industry.

When speaking with Elba, he made it very clear that he didn’t embark on a career to immolate a clown or the usual character which many audiences expect to see.

“I have always insisted on substance, not the usual thin shaped crap seen from the Birth of a Nation by millions of people who had no power or choice in making a difference in how we view each other.  Of course, the COMPTON stories, the RAP generation has its place BUT people of color, those with tremendous talent and gifted with the ability to extend themselves in numerous artistic directions i.e., the classics, music, the dance and even portraying characters wearing a CROWN should not be considered out of reach or unrealistic.  People of color represent all of the realistic facets within our civilization.  Therefore, those of us who are being accepted a bit more should make this reality fully understood!”

Idris mentioned that he is quite anxious to take roles in stories which people universally can relate to.

“There are so many out there which have never been written in a way that everyone with FEELINGS, which any kid or adult can leave the theater from watching a film might say, ‘I knew and understood what that character man or woman was experiencing and it immediately made a difference in the way he or she looked on his or her own emotional or intellectual challenges being faced from day to day.’”

Without a doubt the arrival of Idris Elba is an extraordinary happening on the Hollywood scene. Possibly instead of seeing, Uncle Tom dressed in a servant’s uniform we will see more of a Mr. Tom or even a Sir Tom making an entrance about to be seated at the royal table setting of kings and queens around the world.  UNLIKELY, not really!  AFTER ALL, WE ARE STILL “HOLLYWOOD!”