HOLLYWOOD─I cannot believe that it is over, after several seasons airing on OWN, Tyler Perry’s hit soap opera “If Loving You is Wrong” has come to an end. This series has literally become a guilty pleasure of mine that was must-see TV for me every Tuesday night. I will admit the dialogue was not the best, but the narrative, wow, it was just so fascinating to watch. On Tuesday, June 15, the final episode, ‘Boom,’ amply titled delivered on grand scale in terms of death, but not on story. SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the episode, please stop reading RIGHT NOW!

Things kicked off right where last week left off with Marcie being forced to defend herself at all costs after Randal kidnapped her. He thought she wouldn’t fight back, but Marcie took a poker and did all in her power to ensure her survival, but at the same time to send Randal a message: don’t mess with me. This only ushered more mayhem. At first, I thought Marcie might have just injured Randal, but she went mayhem on her ex, and literally bludgeoned him to death, he was covered in blood and so was he. In a rage, Marcie had no idea that she just murdered him.

In a panic, she grabbed her purse and fled the scene, just as Bennett pulled up and decided to pay Randal a visit. He stumbled upon the bloody scene. Brad was stunned to see Marcie who was bloody and incoherent and she informed Brad that Randal was dead and she killed him. Rick burst into Randal’s home and arrested Bennett who he assumed was responsible for Randal’s murder.

Brad and Marcie panicked when they heard police sirens that prompted Brad to investigate what was going on outside, all this time as an unconscious Alex laid on the couch. Rick confirmed to Brad that Randal was dead. These cops are complete idiots people, but Bennett noted he spotted a woman in a bloody blue dress, um, not good for Marcie people. Kelly heard the news and was stunned to hear the development.

Lushion and Steven updated Esperanza that the FBI are on the hunt for her daughter, just as the undercover agents discovered that Randal was dead. Kelly was still in her flirt mode, just as Rick put the moves on her. Wow, that is a new low people. Terrell tried to put the moves on Kelly who was the least bit interested America. At the hospital, Larry was near death, just as Ian visited his former colleague, with his wife by his side. Larry is losing his legs people and it looks like Ian knows whoever this KC person is and his connection to a bigger crime ring.

Larry issued threats, just as Ian probed about the whereabouts of Mika, which prompted Larry to disown his pal. Looks like and eye for an eye and the question remains who will come out on top: Larry or Eddie. Lushion got updates from Ian about Larry. Things intensified as Brad forced Marcie to change her clothes ASAP as he planned to get rid of the evidence. Unfortunately, Marcie was in a daze and wanted to confess the truth, but place the blame on Alex who was completely out cold.

Twisted people, this is just utterly twisted. Rick and Steven paid Larry a visit requesting his phone. His wife did everything in her power to deflect, but it only rattled Steven more, who was determined to get as much detail as possible. Esperanza was literally falling apart at the thought of not seeing her daughter again. Ian found himself getting shocked with a Taser by Eddie who wanted information about the whereabouts of his daughter. Eddie decided to hold Ian captive in search of his daughter and taped the Taser to Ian to prove a point.

Eddie burst into Larry’s hospital’s room, decked his wife and threatened Larry’s life with a pillow to get the whereabouts of his daughter. Larry this is NOT the time to play with Eddie who is out for blood. OMG, this is intense and Eddie may have just killed Ian, but without a doubt he finished Larry in the process, and just left the room as if nothing happened.

Luckily for Ian, an officer came to his aide to remove the Taser, as Eddie got a few kicks in on Ian in the process. Well this is about to get interesting, as Rick dropped by to question Marcie. Brad did swap the dresses, placing Marcie’s blue dress on Alex. Rick seriously might be the dumbest cop ever! How do you go from looking at Marcie who is literally shaking to questioning Alex who has been passed out drunk, and just wakes up after a few shakes, but heard nothing about Marcie and Brad’s conversation? Where’s the realism people?

Yeah, Marcie is being eaten alive with guilt people, just as reports of a 187 came in thru the radio, prompting Esperanza to start to unravel, just as Eddie arrived. In tears, it became a realization that Mika was ‘dead,’ but the audience did not get that confirmation. Like did Tyler Perry just kill a child, just as Esperanza flipped out, pulling out a gun and firing multiple shots into Eddie taking him out of his misery! This episode is bonkers people and for it to just END like that, Tyler Perry I’m beyond disappointed. I mean what the hell happened with Alex, was Mika truly dead, did Brad and Marcie get away with it, what about Ian, what about Bennett?

You CANNOT end a guilty pleasure like that. This has left me so saddened that I cannot explain it with words. I felt like this finale was rushed in ways never expected and Tyler Perry just left his fans confused, bewildered and just frustrated as hell. I seriously adored “If Loving You is Wrong,” but I expected to have more loose ends tied up America. We had a hell of a body count with Randal, Larry, Mika, Ian and Eddie meeting their respective end, but too many storylines were not solved for me to fill fulfilled as a viewer.

We STILL didn’t find out who was the father of Alex’s baby. What happened to Pete and Andrew? Whatever happened to that videotape? What about Joey? What about Quan? Gosh, why can’t we have another episode or two to tie up all the loose ends? Is that too much to ask for, us fans deserved closure.