HOLLYWOOD—I sensed some crazy twist was about to unfold in the narrative on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” and I was not surprised to say the least. This week’s episode, ‘A First Date’ saw Lushion stay calm under pressure not certain where Kelly was. Ugh, some of the people on this show can just cause your blood to boil with their stupidity.

We have a district attorney who seems like a complete idiot, as Lushion did all in his power to get someone to take a deeper look at Kelly’s case. I mean come on Lushion, how about you utilize your leverage as an FBI agent to get some leeway? Esperanza spoke to Larry about ways to neutralize Edward for his continued stalking. She threw out the possibility of hiring someone to take out Eddie, but she seems keen to want to protect Eddie more than get rid of him.

Marcie was annoyed with Randal still harassing her after realizing their divorce has been finalized. This led to a conversation between Brad and Marcie sharing potential divorce stories. Either these two will be a couple or not cause at this point the dance they’re doing is just downright annoying. Another glimpse into the lives of Tanya and Bennett showed that when she is off her meds she is completely off balance. When she is on her meds, she seems rational and calm, and noted she did NOT trust Randal, so that screams tons America. It seems a lot of stress in their relationship is a direct result of Tanya wanting to have a child with Bennett.

Could Randal finally get his comeuppance? Natalie busted Randal red-handed spying on Tanya, and warned him to stay away. She issued a threat noting that she started that fire that nearly killed him and Alex. Back at the police station, Esperanza wanted to have a conversation with Edward to clue him in on what she has planned for him. Oh, this is going to be good. Bennett decided to pay Randal a visit alerting him to stay clear of his wife. Bennett was polite, yet stern with his warning, and I think Randal has no idea who he is up against.

Randal just continues to push his luck. I mean Alex out of good faith is trying to have a working relationship with the man who she thinks is the father of her child. She started to spill a bit of tea that is indeed possible that Randal is NOT the father of her bundle of joy. Randal it looks like your worst fear is about to be confirmed because something tells me that baby might not be yours after all. I can ONLY speculate what he might do in retaliation to Alex.

Esperanza finally had a long-awaited conversation with Edward about his antics. She threatened to seek full custody of their daughter if he didn’t stop with his silly games. Esperanza pulled out the big guns and wow, Eddie seemed to be shaking in his boots with the thought that his world could come crashing down. He disrespected her and she delivered several slaps to his face, and when he learned that Larry was her lawyer it left him livid. Oh, this situation just turned ugly as he decided to arrest his ex for not paying a bill, even though the restaurant was willing to let it slide.

Yeah, this might be the juiciest storyline for Esperanza since the series premiered and I am intrigued to see where this is headed. The gloves are off and the chaos is only beginning to boil. The final moments of the episode left me peeved to the core. Why? A bomb was dropped about Alex’s baby, but the audience was not clued in on the reveal. That is a cliffhanger America, and the fact that we have to wait until next week to learn that Randal is not the baby daddy is stunning.

Next week looks like the reveal will transpire and for reasons I cannot fathom we meet ‘Jennifer.’ You all might be asking who is Jennifer, it looks like Alex and she has a past with Ian?! Yeah, talk about a twist. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!