HOLLYWOOD—Fans of the Tyler Perry series “If Loving You is Wrong” has been waiting for this moment all season long. Just what secret has Lushion been hiding from Natalie and everyone else? Well for those who have been following the clues, you already know the answer, but in the season two finale titled ‘A Wicked Soul,’ confirmation was finally received.

This was a packed episode, so much to the point that 90 minutes was needed to tie up so many lose ends. The episode kicked off right where last week ended, with Alex paying a visit to her dad Rusty, asking for his help to take care of her problem (Randal). She confessed the truth which led to her father slapping her. To see her father spit in her face left me appalled. He was so upset at his daughter he was ready to shoot her dead. Alex is getting ambushed left and right by her parents.

Joey and Faun are still sneaking around, unbeknownst that plenty of people have ‘plans’ for them they are unaware of. Now the madness begins. Back at the police department Edward did his best to converse with Claudia who was not interested in anything he had to say, and the dark side of Eddie per usual emerged and he made threats. Claudia received a text that prompted her to immediately leave the station, just as Eddie decided to follow her.

Lushion was warned by Andrew about heated conversations involving the Chief and Stephen, and the news got even worse when he learned that Claudia was being followed by Eddie. Well, I’m not surprised to see Marcie stop by Brad’s office to pay him a visit, and as much as these two try to distant themselves, they can’t resist the temptation. Ramsey gave Kelly the cold shoulder, even though she did her best to getinto his good graces.

Natalie was reeling from the news that Esperanza broke, and Esperanza is in complete denial that she witnessed what she WANTED to see. It’s apparent that Esperanza has it out for Claudia for reasons unknown. Kelly questioned Alex about her whereabouts, as she did her best to cover. Claudia stopped by Lushion’s new place which prompted Kelly to call Esperanza to warn her to get over to the neighborhood ASAP.

Well, the chaos continues as Marcie stormed in Alex’s home to offer some advice. She made it clear that Brad still has feelings for his wife. Finally, someone is talking a bit of sense into Alex. Make the CALL Alex; get your husband back by making it clear that you want to reunite your family. Gosh, when is Randal going to realize that he is more annoying than anything? Brad and Alex had a long overdue conversation, where she confessed all of her sins hoping for forgiveness.

It led to Brad reminiscing about the very first time he met Alex before their courtship began. Just when the audience thought these two would reunite, Brad made it clear that his inability to forget what transpired makes it too hard for him to give their marriage another shot. Man that was such a tear-jerker moment, and with the revelation that Rusty and the gang are headed to Alex’s neighborhood, some fireworks are about to explode.

Natalie interrupted a tense conversation between Lushion and Claudia, which forced our rookie cop to make some dire actions. Claudia pulled out her gun, and it became evident that Natalie underestimated who this woman is. Eddie poked around and Lushion was not too happy to say the least. It’s obvious that Edward is starting to connect the dots. How the hell are they going to cover this up?

Lushion and Claudia broke the news to Natalie that Claudia is an FBI agent investigating the deaths of all the rookie cops. She had to get out of town with her cover at risk of being exposed, and Lushion spilled that he is also an undercover agent. She was in complete denial. Natalie’s world has been completely rocked, but now she has to be forced to keep a whopper of a secret, especially from Esperanza and Edward.

Natalie became aware that Joey was still sneaking around with Faun. She begged her son to be on time for the big surprise they have planned. I pegged this week’s ago, but it transpired after weeks of clues with Travis sneaking around the grounds of Kelly’s home. He later broke inside as she slept. That was indeed a shocking moment that I did not expect to see Tyler Perry take for the series, as Travis went from lovable guy to complete psycho in a matter of a few episodes. He lurked around Natalie and Lushion’s new home, unaware that Ramsey no longer lives there. Still trying to figure out who was in that shower that Travis was spying on because I’m certain it wasn’t Kelly, which means maybe Ramsey?

Lushion and Natalie made plans to go see the house without Joey who was late, hmm, that is a sign that something bad is about to happen. As Joey and Faun arrived at Natalie’s house, he got into a shootout with Quan, where he died from the gunshot wound he sustained to his chest or it certainly looks that way. This is not good people? Why? Tilda will be livid and Natalie is about to be OUT FOR BLOOD!

The final moments of the episode culminated with Rusty and his gang arriving in the neighborhood looking for Randal, just as Alex became concerned for the wellbeing of her newborn and the rest of her kids. As Alex snuck down the stairs the yelling got louder as it became apparent that Rusty, his friends and Randal were getting into a tense feud and multiple gunshots were heard. Hmm, looks like Alex might be feeling a bit guilty about what she has done because as she came back into the house, her son was MISSING!

Whoa, Mr. Perry tackled a ton of chaos into one single episode leaving viewers wondering what in the world will transpire when season three kicks off in the fall. Who took the baby? Is Randal a goner? Is Joey really dead? Does Eddie know about Lushion? Who was in that shower as Travis lurked (we know it wasn’t Kelly)? Terrific finale can’t wait to see how all these questions will be answered “If Loving You is Wrong lovebirds!