HOLLYWOOD—Randal’s big mouth created a tense moment during the final moments of last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Backfired’ saw Rusty, Alex’s father go into a fury after learning Alex’s new child is with Randal.

Yes, Rusty went into full-blown racist mode when Randal spilled the beans. Miss Louise did her best to diffuse the situation by getting her son away from Rusty before violence erupted. He confronted his wife, who was frightened to the core by his reaction. He wanted her gun, but she covered by saying she didn’t have it. He flipped out when his wife confirmed their newest grandson is indeed black.

Brad entered into the foray and a battle ensued. Brad demanded that Rusty leave his home and confessed that Alex and Randal had an affair. When Brad called out Rusty on what he did to Alex, Virginia snapped and fired a shot into the home to halt the chaos. Alex heard the gunfire and even more tears emerged as she did her best to protect her child.

Kelly arrived to the neighborhood, just as Ramsey informed her that he heard gunfire. She confronted Brad who shared the entire tale about what has transpired since Alex arrived home. Marcie had a conversation with Brad where she informed him that she moved into their new apartment. Edward was seen getting busy in Esperanza’s bedroom. She called his cell and confronted him about his antics and he flipped the coup as he became paranoid. Shocker, she showed up at home and caught him red-handed and raised wholly hell on her ex. Ben popped up into the house, and Esperanza warned Eddie’s pal to not allow him to be dragged down.

Natalie and Joey had a conversation, where her son alerted his mother that Lushion is not taking money from drug dealers. He revealed that Eddie is the dirty cop, not her boyfriend. He delivered a harsh dose of truth, which she didn’t want to really hear. Randal received a visit from Julius who shared information about his mental state. It was apparent Julius was not looking to divulge all his family history, but Randal continued to push. Julius started to share very disturbing tales, which got underneath Randal’s skin. It later became apparent it was all a ruse, and threats were made.

Kelly and Ramsey continued to dance around their ‘feelings’ which are as evident as air in a room. He shared a bit about his past, which gave her a better idea of who precisely she is dealing with. As Ramsey and Kelly headed to the background, they found Alex and the baby and took them inside the house. Alex was a complete mess as she feared for the life of her newborn. Brad arrived at Kelly’s door hoping if she heard from her she would get in contact with him.

Brad heard the baby crying and entered the home, but not before Ramsey tackled him. He apologized for his actions, before breaking down in tears. She emerged from the back and faced her husband. He informed her that he was leaving the house; this is quite sad. As a viewer, you want to see Brad and Alex reunite in the midst of all the chaos and drama that they have endured.

Back at the police station, Lushion ran into Claudia where they discussed all the rookies killed while on the job. She informed Lushion that she looked up Pete’s file and discovered that he had a child; hmm, it was almost apparent he didn’t want her to look into his file and discover precisely what he was up to. I’m starting to suspect that Lushion might be an undercover cop, and things got touchy when Natalie arrived at the station.

Next week looks quite fun, as Alex’s kids come face-to-face with their new brother, just as Marcie and Brad get much closer in their new apartment. Things are going all crazy. Until next week “If Loving You Is Wrong” love-birds!