HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” ended on one helluva cliffhanger, with Ben and Eddie awaiting outside Pete’s hospital room. Looks like Ben was pretty close to inserting that syringe into Pete’s IV, but good ole Tina was watching from afar. This week’s episode, ‘Betting On Tina’ which is an appropriate title, focused on Eddie using his charm to get his ways yet again.

Tina immediately alerted Andrew of the situation, who informed her to enter Pete’s room to intervene the situation. Thank you Tina, for stopping dirty Eddie from committing further crimes! When she announced that cameras would be watching over Pete’s room it spooked Ben to the core. Andrew was smitten by Tina’s heroics, which Lushion happened to overhear, and it peaked his interest to say the least.

He later made a phone call to Natalie, who was busy gossiping and drinking wine, so she missed his call. Well Tilda made her presence known, slapping the hell out of Quan in the middle of his pals, and shot a guy in the leg to prove that she is not one to mess around with. She wanted answers on who asked him to shoot Eddie, and she revealed that it was Julius. Tilda made it clear to her son that he better take care of business and handle Joey; i.e. she wants Quan to murder Natalie’s son. With parents like Tilda, it makes perfect sense why so many millennials behave the way they do.

Kelly, Esperanza and Natalie discussed the circumstances involving Randal and Alex. Not to mention, Kelly divulging that Marcie and Brad are now roommates. When the conversation transitioned to Natalie buying a house, the ladies realized that Kelly is smitten for Ramsey. Natalie and Esperanza got the opportunity to finally meet Ramsey and the house that she is looking to purchase. Gosh, I’ve never seen grown woman act so giddy; it was hilarious to watch them drink and let loose for once.

Back to the drama, Quan scoped out Natalie’s place as Joey and Faun decided to get cozy. Questions of social status rose to the top, as Faun questioned her safety in Joey’s neighborhood. Marcie and Brad discussed their inability to sleep, likely because of the situation involving their spouses. Seeing Marcie admit to Randal’s devious actions and her hatred for Alex was a breakthrough.

Brad countered Marcie’s argument, by advocating that his wife is just as smart and manipulative as Randal. As much as you don’t want to see Brad and Marcie hookup again, as a viewer you can’t help, but want it to happen, because you feel so sorry for them.

Ramsey had a run-in with Lushion, and he assumed the worst when he spotted a police car. Looks like Lushion and Ramsey could become pals, especially with all that police talk. Some way, somehow, Mr. Perry will find a way to ensure that Ramsey sticks around for narrative purposes. Looks like Natalie is finally getting what she wants: a house and in a safe neighborhood!

The final moments of the episode were quite tense to say the least. Natalie finally spilled the beans to Lushion about that tape that Pete left for him. Just as Lushion continued to give clues that he is more than just a police officer; he is working undercover, and I’m certain he’s an agent. When Lushion heard the news of the disc, he fled the scene quicker than a person could count to 3.

Why is my gut telling me that disc is about to disappear? While this episode was a bit slow, it’s heading in the direction that fans expected. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving Your is Wrong” love birds!