HOLLYWOOD—What a twist, what a twist. Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” ended on a major cliffhanger, which predicted what I suspected: Randal is NOT the father of Alex’s baby. Which raises a question that is baffling me? Who the hell is the father because we haven’t seen Alex with any other person beyond Randal and Brad? This week’s episode, ‘Digging Up Old Dirt’ revealed that Alex just loves to keep secrets.

Eddie followed through on this threat and tossed Esperanza behind bars, just as she found herself next to Kelly. The two ladies chatted about their predicaments. Lushion dropped by to deliver Kelly good news about her case with Ian. Esperanza alerted Lushion that Eddie threw her behind bars, but good ole Lou didn’t heed his former partner’s MO. Steven was a bit jealous to learn that Esperanza was chatting with Edward, who decided to continue to annoy people.

Rick introduced Lushion to Margaret who had some information about Travis; this is getting interesting. Margaret revealed that other women encountered similar issues with Travis and started to spill some serious tea. What the hell did Brad just propose marriage to Marcie? These two just started dating, and he’s not even divorced yet. Thankfully, Marcie shut him down, but I don’t sense marriage in the cards for these two anytime soon.

Larry dropped a bomb on Randal revealing secrets about Randal’s past and he has some dirty secrets, one that involved Randal playing mind games with patients. Oh, this totally explains his interest in Tanya. Checkmate for Larry, who has major ammunition over his pal who wants to bury him. There is indeed something deeper between these two that I’m certain will eventually come to light. Tanya decided to confront Randal and inform him to stop talking to her and to stop stalking him.

Natalie witnessed the interaction between Randal and Tanya and decided to take action. Larry had an unwelcome visit by Eddie who had questions about his relationship with Esperanza. What is Larry talking about? It became clear that Larry has plenty of Intel on Eddie and he is already building up a major case to take down his foe. Eddie may have met his match, and it’s a long time coming.

Ian stopped by Natalie and Lushion’s place to talk about Kelly’s case, which he has decided to take on. This created a major issue for Ian who is still planning to work for the firm that represents Travis’ family. Lushion dropped some tea about Rick and Margaret, but the surprise of the hour transpired when Ian and Alex came face-to-face, and he called her Jennifer.

Ok, what the hell did I miss? Why does Ian think Alex is a woman named Jennifer? Ok, either Alex has a twin or she’s keeping a bombshell of a secret. Ian walked Alex back to her house where the story deepens: Ian is infatuated with Alex, but she has no clue who he is?

The season finale looks crazy: Bennett takes action against Randal, the truth about Alex’s baby comes to light and Ian’s duplicity looks to be exposed. It is going to be a twisted week finale to say the least. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!