HOLLYWOOD─It was the penultimate episode of Tyler Perry’s hit series, “If Loving You is Wrong.” I thought last week’s episode, certainly placed the puzzle pieces in the right spots for utter chaos to explode, but this week, we saw that madness in all of its epic glory. ‘I Need a Hero’ was the last episode before next week’s series finale, which is certain to end on an epic note America.

However, we have to pick-up where we left off with Eddie in a rage ramming his vehicle into Larry, pinning him. Larry as I noted, decided to tangle with a dangerous foe, and it looks like Eddie is on top as he wanted information on the whereabouts of his daughter, Mika who was kidnapped by goons tied to Larry. Now that is a way to kickoff things with Larry on his deathbed as Eddie probed for details on the whereabouts of Mika. Out of nowhere, one of Larry’s assistant’s pulled a gun and unleashed gunfire. Eddie went unscathed, but it looks like Larry might survive his ordeal.

Are we still dancing around this potential love affair between Tyrell and Kelly? She is giving him all types of mixed signals people. Last week she could not stand this guy, now she is on the verge of sleeping with her ex, who she hadn’t seen in years. I’m guessing this is Kelly’s happily ever after, and redemption tale. Back at the country bar, Alex was resisting the advances of her captor. I’m thinking Alex played things off because she knew she was in some serious danger, and I was right. She managed to utilize her phone to make a call to Brad, who was too busy to answer because he was about to get busy with Marcie.

Careful Marcie, you might be toying with danger and it’s going to cost you big time. Alex made another call, this time to Ian who thankfully picked up his phone and realized that Alex was in danger and came to her rescue like the noble guy that he is. Marcie’s goal of pushing Randal’s buttons might have gone too far; first the guy got a text and he was able to see from his window his ex-wife and former neighbor getting busy. I’m still trying to figure out why Randal is so angry; you’re no longer married to Marcie, let it go buddy.

Johnny found himself in a predicament when he found Alex passed out in the bathroom, and did his best to coerce her to wake up, but she was still in a daze. She unfortunately learned that she was dealing with a pimp, who drugged her, but Ian arrived in the nick of time to rescue her. Can’t believe I actually felt sorry for Alex, but glad Ian came to her aide when she needed him the most.

At the hospital, Tonya confided to Bennett that it was Randal who threatened to send him to jail and drugged her in the process. Bennett started to connect the dots and started to realize that someone tampered with his wife’s meds. Rick of all people questioned Bennett and made it clear that he had intentions to ‘kill’ Randal. I know blood is going to be spilled with the series finale right around the corner, so this only heightens my concern about who lives and who dies.

Esperanza disclosed to Natalie Mika’s disappearance and how she slapped her daughter, and questions about the FBI came front-and-center. Careful Natalie, you don’t want to blow Lushion and Steven’s cover. Lushion learned about Esperanza’s situation and made a few phone calls. Steven gave Lushion the update on Eddie’s latest transgressions including harm to Larry. Lushion came face-to-face with his nemesis who was frazzled that his daughter was kidnapped. I cannot believe Maxine’s top cop is able to remain this calm in such a decisive situation. Eddie got into a fist fight with Ian who started to pummel the lawyer with the perception that Ian might have some Intel on Mika’s disappearance. Ian received a call from Casey about Larry’s whereabouts and the chaos get crazy as the situation with Alex reared its ugly head.

This episode is full of excellence people. For a penultimate episode, this is one of the best that I have seen on the series. Brad and Marcie were interrupted by Ian, who brought a drugged and drunken Alex home, which left Brad speechless. Kelly got intertwined in the chaos as Lushion asked her to watch the kids, as the hunt for Mika was intensifying. I must admit I have never seen Eddie like this; the guy was literally breaking down in front of our eyes, just as Rick paid Randal a visit to question him about the situation with Tonya and Bennett. It was some fantastic acting on the series America.

Randal continued to puff his chest per usual, but it looks like he’s finally lost his marbles and is about to be one of the casualties before the season ends. Rick’s getting a warrant and I can see plenty of fights and chaos for our finale next week. I’m just giddy thinking about how things will culminate. Marcie pointed out that Alex had needle marks on her arm, and Brad got into a tiff with Marcie who left in a rage, just as Randal watched from a distance.

As Marcie tried to get into her car, Randal dragged her into his house and she fought back, knocking a statue over his head, before viciously beating Randal with a poker. Ugh, did we just see Randal’s final moments! I don’t know what to say except next week’s finale sure looks like it’s going to deliver. Enjoy the madness while you can America, we only have one more episode before “If Loving You is Wrong” ends, and I hope on an epic note! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ lovebirds.