HOLLYWOOD—Last week was the tipping of the iceberg as multiple narratives collided which is certain to cause ripple effects for the coming weeks on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode ‘Joey & Faun’ saw the chaos of Alex’s baby bombshell reach a fever pitch.

Alex got the shock of her life when Brad paid her a visit and decided to torture her by showing a video of him and Marcie having sex in the same shed, where Alex canoodled with Randal.

Pete and Lushion continued to bond, but it became apparent that rookies don’t get the same respect as the other cops on the force. Quan found himself in deep water with Julius who made it clear he either kills Eddie or get him $100,000 or else he’s a dead man walking.

Natalie had an awkward conversation with Faun about her steamy hookup with her son Joey. Natalie gave the kids the third-degree about their unexplainable behavior. Joey was oblivious to the fact that Faun is head over heels for him, uh-oh things could get quite tricky. Funny that the episode was titled ‘Joey & Fau,’ yet little focus was paid on those two.

Miss Louise dropped a bomb on Randal about his father’s affair which shattered her marriage. Finally, someone called Randal out on his torrid behavior. Marcie set on the steps in sorrow listening to her mother-in-law rip one into her son for his affair. He attempted to put blame on his wife’s busy work schedule for his cheating ways, but Mama Louise was having none of it. Whoa, Miss Louise and Marcie could become BFF, tell me this ain’t happening! Marcie couldn’t help, but smile when Miss Louise gave a bit of truth to her son that he never expected.

Kelly received an unexpected visit at her door from Ramsey, and it looks like love is blossoming in the air. He pried a bit into her past, and he shared a bit of detail about his life as well. The chemistry between the two was so apparent viewers could spot it from miles away. Esperanza and Kelly chatted about the new guy that has caught her eye, and Kelly couldn’t help but gush with excitement.

Pete chatted with Esperanza about the case that he is working on and it became evident that Pete doesn’t have much respect around the office. Ben interrupted the conversation and his suspicions rose significantly. Eddie made threats to his doctor about physical harm that could come to his wife and daughter if he isn’t placed back on the streets. Wow, this guy is a serious tool who will do anything to get back to work right away, and the doctor chose to give Eddie what he wanted.

Eddie spotted Alex who was working on her physical therapy. He decided to pay his friend’s wife a visit and things became tense, when he came face-to-face with Alex’s new baby. It was a horrifying scene to watch to say the least, which only makes the viewers’ desire to see Eddie reap what he sows. Only time will tell if that happens. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!