HOLLYWOOD—I will admit the second season of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” has been far more entertaining than season one. The second season capped off its hiatus with the mid-season finale ‘Out of Control’ which amped up the drama in ways that I never expected. SPOILERS: If you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop reading now otherwise you will be disappointed.

This was an episode packed with so many surprises I have no idea where to begin. Marcie was left fuming with the bombshell Randal dropped on her about being a father. To see this jack*** literally gloat about such an accomplishment was beyond devastating. Miss Louise did her best to console her daughter-in-law, who just sobbed, and as a viewer you can’t help but feel compassion for her. It became apparent she needed to leave her home in order to save her sanity and to prevent something more horrific from taking place.

Pete finally had his conversation with the captain and he delivered him a copy of the CD that shows Eddie shooting Ben. Now, someone tell me why in the hell would the captain protect Edward who has committed an unspeakable crime. Natalie questioned Lushion about her illegally signing his name on a bank application. She questioned Lushion about the funds that he had in his bank account, and Natalie was stunned to discover he secretly kept that money from her. He admitted that he earned the money over a period of time. She questioned him about dirty dealings, which made him livid to say the least.

She booted him from the house, the same way she booted Joey. It became apparent that Joey’s decision to continue to date Faun will backfire in due time. Pete got cozy with the new girl, just as he watched from afar Eddie and the captain chatting. To see Eddie manhandle a child in front of Natalie; this guy is going to reap what he sows in the very near future. I believe death is in his future, and it was only worse to see Natalie’s kids witness all the shocking chaos.

Back at Natalie’s apartment, she was still reeling from Eddie bursting into her apartment and attacking her. She received a visit from Pete who was searching for Lushion and the red flags immediately popped into my head. It became evident that Pete was scared for his life, and she was stunned to realize that Lushion did not divulge to her that he was moving out. If she wasn’t already grieving this woman was ready to go to war to protect her family.

While getting into his vehicle, it became apparent that Pete was being followed by someone. Kelly was not pleased with Brad and his actions which has caused a division in her friendship with Alex. Kelly discovered that Randal put a demeaning sign in front of Marcie’s home to mock her about her inability to breed him a child. Kelly is striking out left and right, first she lost Alex and then she lost Marcie.

Alex became concerned when she realized that Brad’s behavior was slightly off. She sensed something was off with her hubby, and put her foot down to protect her newborn child. Go Alex, about time you put Brad in his place for all his crazed actions. Eddie did his best once again to intimidate Pete. Eddie alerted Ben of exclusive information as a set-up to kill Pete. Wow, this guy is sick and twisted, he’s willing to kill to protect himself, but he has a problem: Natalie has that video! Another problem, looks like Steven’s perk was listening to the conversation also.

Lushion’s son called him at the station to alert him that Eddie broke down Natalie’s house and used a Taser on her. Lushion was livid, and I mean livid. All the while, Pete was eagerly doing his best to convey to Lushion about that video he gave to his girlfriend.

He snapped and grabbed Eddie by the throat and dragged him into the locker room and the battle we’ve been waiting for exploded. Lushion snapped and fired multiple shots into Eddie’s chest and pulled a fire alarm to divert attention. Classic moment, classic moment to say the least! Eddie pushed too hard and Lushion snapped; I bet he instilled fear unlike any other into his partner. Damn Tyler Perry that was a moment to say the least. Let’s just say Eddie was lucky he had a bullet proof vest on.

When Lushion discovered that Pete was sent to the Southside on bike patrol, he knew something was up. This man was not scared of anyone, even Steven couldn’t make demands stick. While on bike patrol, it became evident that Pete was in a hurry, just as Ben played coy and an ambush took place where shots were fired at Pete, who managed to dodge the gunfire and fired back at his assailants, and Pete was shot multiple times and things did not look good. C’mon Tyler, you can’t leave us hanging like this?

That was indeed a sad moment to watch unfold on the screen, wow, this episode was an emotional rollercoaster that left me reeling. I’m going to need a moment to recover from all the chaos that erupted. The episode concluded with a shocking moment as Alex arrived to her home ambushed by her parents courtesy of Brad, she was literally speechless!

Well “If Loving You is Wrong” fans the second half of season two doesn’t resume until March 2016. It should be thrilling to see the aftermath of the chaos unfold.