HOLLYWOOD—More madness has erupted on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Psychosis’ allowed the audience to dive deeper into the mental state of the character Tanya who might be a handful for her husband. Randal continued with his mind games, and it just sickened me to my stomach knowing this guy knows this woman is ill and finds it funny.

Man, I feel sorry for Lushion, Natalie and the rest of the neighbors. It’s always something in this neighborhood. Lushion and Natalie got into a little spat, as they attempted to help Tanya, just as Bennett came to the rescue. Things got interesting when Eddie showed up, but he found himself without a place to sleep. He attempted to threaten Alex, but she was not budging with any of his antics.

So Eddie decided to antagonize Randal of all people by peeing on his property and in front of his porch. Randal annoyed by Eddie’s antics decided to toss a bit of water on his foe. The conversation got interesting when Randal warned him that Larry has big plans for Eddie. This might be the only time I was actually rooting for Randal; it looks like Eddie is unraveling with the thought of not knowing what Larry is planning for him.

Bennett learned that Eddie is the dirty cop that he should steer clear of, just as Natalie and Lushion planned dinner to get information from Ian to help Kelly with her case. Brad and Marcie talked about his impending move to get Alex to sign the divorce papers. Esperanza asked Marcie for help with her issue pertaining to Eddie, oh, this is so going to be good as it’s the perfect ammunition that Esperanza needs to dismantle Edward once and for all. Randal was livid to learn that his divorce has been finalized, and decided to pay Larry a visit to get answers.

Again another pointless conversation from the writers regarding Natalie and Alex, where Natalie asked the same question like three damn times; so frustrating. Bennett explained his situation to Alex and Natalie involving Tanya’s illness. It was indeed hilarious watching Natalie spill the tea about Randal to her new neighbor. This must be the episode of divorces: first Randal and Marcie, now Brad and Alex. Pause. Alex wanted to read over the paperwork before signing, which unnerved Brad a bit. Cue Ian to be forced to be intertwined in more drama that he didn’t sign up for.

At the hospital, Lushion paid a visit to Kelly, but was surprised to see Rick near Kelly’s side. Lushion questioned Rick’s antics, and I must agree considering Rick didn’t stand by Kelly’s side to begin with. Rick divulged a bit of Intel, but not enough to scoop Kelly out of the authorities clutches. Lushion broke protocol by unlocking Kelly’s cuffs to give her a moment to move without feeling like a prisoner. Be careful Lushion, the last thing we need is for you to lose your job. Kelly gave Lushion a bit of info on Travis’ church, so the digging is beginning.

Getting to the good stuff, Larry received a call from Esperanza about her situation involving her ex, who Larry didn’t realize was Edward, but when he found out it intrigued him greatly. Randal barged into Larry’s office and put a beating on his pal. Larry weaved a tale that was crazy, but it seemed to strike Randal as he realized the situation with Marcie could have been worse than he imagined. Lushion returned with Kelly’s breakfast, but surprise, Kelly was nowhere to be found. Next week looks like juicer drama as Esperanza wants to take Eddie down, Randal is making threats, and Alex gets game changing news. Oh, if that baby is Brad’s I’m going to die! Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!