HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” was full of shocking surprises, but this week saw even more chaos emerge in the episode ‘Randal’s Wicked Web.’ For a man that was at the forefront of much of the chaos, Randal sure holds a grudge when he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Lushion found himself in a sticky situation having to introduce Claudia to his love Natalie. I’d love to see Claudia and Natalie go toe-to-toe and let’s just say Natalie has marked her territory. Looks like someone is jealous! Natalie wanted answers from Lushion about the massive amount of savings in his bank account. Hmm, still wondering how he got his fingers on that cash, I still suspect he is an undercover agent. When he revealed that he shot Edward eight times in the chest, she was stunned. So sweet, these two are back together; they do indeed belong together.

Kelly held a watchful eye over Alex and her newborn son. For once someone spoke logical; Kelly hit things right on the nail, letting her pal know that it’s time to move on with her life. Her marriage is over, and Brad and Alex if they do reunite, it is not happening anytime soon. Gosh, Eddie just never learns. He decided to hit on Claudia who was not interested in any of his advances. The tension between the two of these could be felt in the air; his one-liners were not grabbing her attention to say the least. Thank God, Esperanza entered the foray to diffuse the situation.

Jeez, Esperanza can be a bit bossy as she rose a bit of hell on Claudia, hmm; maybe she was jealous of Edward speaking to another woman. Looks like Ben and Eddie were not pleased to hear that Pete would survive. Things got testy when Andrew wanted to watch Pete’s bedside. When Ben was appointed to watch over Pete, it became apparent that Lushion was well aware that he had to watch both Eddie and Ben, who had nefarious plans in place.

Andrew voiced his concern to Lushion, and it appeared they are both on the same page. They know dirty dealings are happening in the police department. Dammit, Andrew, just tell Lushion already, what Eddie is up to? He revealed that the crimes for those rookie cops killed were covered up. Andrew divulged that Pete had some inside information, alright people; things are getting even more interesting. Alex got the opportunity to introduce her children to their new brother. It was a funny moment as the kids raised the question about their brother’s ‘tan,’ which prompted Kelly to halt her son from spilling the beans.

Wow, to see Alex confess the truth to her children about her affair. As she planned to tell the truth, she learned that her son Peter knew all about what transpired. Goes to tell you that, kids are much smarter than they look! The kids were none too pleased to learn that their parents are getting a divorce. Ah, such a sweet moment to see Alex’s daughter stand by her mother’s side.

Randal informed his mother that he sought legal advice regarding his goal to gain custody of his son with Alex. His mother spoke with logic, and it became apparent that she realized her son is more devious than she ever expected. Well he is a psychologist, so it makes perfect sense, and Miss Louise hit the nail right on the coffin.

Brad and Marcie got accustomed to their new apartment. They both discussed the status of their marriages, as well as the bombshell involving their new living arrangements. Looks like Brad wants more from Marcie, than she wants from him. That is indeed an interesting development, but the more they talked the more it looked like they were about to jump back into bed.

Looks like the rest of the world is about to learn about their relationship, because Marcie drove Brad back home to pick-up his computer (he was a bit inebriated). Miss Louise dropped a bomb on Randal letting him know that she was so upset with his actions that she had to head back home. She broke down in tears revealing that she feared something bad was going to happen to her son in the near future.

Randal and Miss Louise spotted Brad entering his home, just as Marcie waited in the car. He made threats, and Marcie did her best to not give him a reaction. Brad received paperwork courtesy of Randal making it known that he plans to unleash wholly hell.

Oh goody, next week’s episode looks like one of the best yet, as the walls come closing down on Randal as he makes more enemies than he can handle. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!