HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” kicked off its second season by revealing the baby that Alex was carrying was Randal’s. This week, ‘The Beauty That Is’ further dove down that path, looking at the ramifications of that fallout as Brad continued in a downward spiral and Alex was forced to see that her actions have consequences.

Esperanza, Kelly and Natalie snuck into Alex’s room to help her come to terms that she has a child with Randal and she needs to accept it. She was in a deep depression and refused to acknowledge what was transpiring around her. Randal was a bit surprised to see his mother waiting on his porch. It’s a surprise that he has not broken the news to his mom that he had an affair with his neighbor and she is a grandmother. He did his best to diffuse the situation so his mommy didn’t learn his big secret.

Marcie had a ball toying with Randal’s emotions; it was iconic. She wielded all the power, and Randal was none too pleased to see his wife controlling things for once. Randal did his best begging his wife not to spill the beans: it only involved him getting rid of his mother.

Alex refused to take her medication which concerned her doctor significantly. When the doctor brought up calling Alex’s parents she flipped, and continued to refuse to see her newborn child. Kelly came face-to-face with her neighbor who is a chatterbox and a nosey one to say the least, just as Travis continued to pine after her. She is playing a wicked mind game on her former lover, the same one he played on her. He was none too pleased to get the cold shoulder from Kelly who was very headstrong.

Brad got a visit from Alex’s doctor who wanted to discuss Alex’s condition. He was not in the best mood, but she gave him the details on Alex being quite ill. He was adamant about not helping his wife during this difficult time. She brought to light that he could become a single father if his wife’s condition doesn’t improve.

Brad dropped the bombshell that Alex’s parents are homophobic and racist. Wow, I did not see that secret coming to light. Esperanza continued to fall under Eddie’s spell, as he put on the performance of a lifetime to convince her he has changed. She hid her emotions, but she guarded the fact that her ex isn’t the man she used to know. She called him out realizing that he slept with another female in her house. Esperanza, damn you are good!

Steven and Lushion confronted Ben about having his hand blown off. He did his best to divert attention away from Eddie, but neither bought what Ben was selling. Lushion was none too pleased to see that Steven had no idea that Eddie’s name was written all over Ben’s shooting. Kelly got Alex to come face-to-face with her newborn baby. Alex was still frightened to see her child, but Kelly nudged her pal to hold her newborn child.

The episode culminated with Alex breaking down that barrier and connecting with her newborn. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You Is Wrong” lovebirds!