HOLLYWOOD─Eddie’s plan of unleashing absolute mayhem in the town of Maxine continued to unfold on this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” In the episode, ‘The Firm,’ it was a clear sign that trust between Larry and Ian were at odds, as Kelly’s case being thrown out continued to test the firm. Eddie tied to convince Natalie to look at the video he had on his phone of Kelly and Lushion, which only riled up Nat even more as she wanted to know what that kiss was all about.

Randal fell prey to Alex thanks to her drunken advances, after she insulted him; man Alex has made a 360 in a way that one never expected. Eddie poked his nose once again where it didn’t belong, as he enacted racist remarks to Randal. Too bad Eddie didn’t keep his eye on things because Alex stole his vehicle. Wow, this is just hilarious people. The smart-mouthed cop just got outwitted, by a drunk.

This must be the Eddie show this week, as he inserted himself into Brad and Marcie’s drama, even though no one asked for his feedback or input. Marcie was fuming at the notion that Brad is not able to detach himself from the dirty cop. Esperanza arrived home with Steven who was certain to scope the house to ensure that Eddie was not lurking around. Well this relationship looks like it’s moving in the right direction as Esperanza decided to introduce Steven to her daughter.

We return to the firm, where Larry pulled the wool over Ian by utilizing his phone to obtain some information about what his partner was up to behind his back. Ok, why is this episode dragging? The dialogue just fills like a ton of filler people. Larry if you’re questioning Ian about Carl, why don’t you just flat out say it? This cat-and-mouse dance is just meek and lackluster people. Carl called Ian and Larry’s ally fell for his trick, right before he fired him.

Larry is indeed a tool people, but the guy is damn smart. Can you actually believe this? We’re actually seeing Alex and Brad’s kids for like the first time since the end of season two! Brad had a tough conversation with his kids about their mother’s predicament. His children are much smarter than he gives them to credit for, as details about his love life came to the foray. Wow, the kids already knew Marcie and Brad were an item.

This must be the episode for kids, because audiences were also treated to a much older Mika who was not happy to see Steven by her mother’s side. She was rude, disrespectful and spoke about her mother in an unflattering way. So much to the point that Esperanza slapped her! It’s a great thing that the show decided to utilize the same kids even though we have not seen them in such a long time. I am just baffled because we got the opportunity to see Natalie’s kids, as well as Justice who is disrespectful, full of rage and a complete mess. He was talking about killing people and just flipping out.

Natalie looks like she is on the verge of exploding in epic fashion and I’m all for it people. Well this is indeed interesting to see Mika picking up on her father’s bad habits. It looks like the war between Esperanza and Eddie is in full effect people and I am absolutely living for it. This episode got tense people, as Lushion arrived home to drop Kelly off, just as Eddie continued to taunt everyone getting underneath their skin.

Lushion it is not a good idea for you to enter Kelly’s house, giving Natalie the impression that something serious might be going on with her fiancé and her one of her besties. With just a few minutes left in the episode, Eddie continued to push Natalie’s buttons getting her to go inside Kelly’s house to see what was going on. Oh, the writing is on the wall that this is such a red herring. Tyrell is the person about to get busted up to no good, and delivering an eyeful to Kelly, Natalie and Lushion people.

Looking forward to next week’s episode, because Ian stakes claim to his ‘son,’ Larry threatens Eddie, Steven threatens Eddie, Randal continues mind games, and it looks like Mika is about to cause Esperanza to flip out in a panic. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!