HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. This week’s episode was a bit of déjà vu as ‘The Shed’ saw Marcie and Brad deliver a bit of payback to Randal, the guy responsible for creating a ripple effect that shattered two marriages. Miss Louise spotted Brad and Marcie canoodling before entering that shed to do some things that um, only adults should be doing.

Lushion and Esperanza chatted a bit about keeping secrets from Eddie to ensure the hothead cop is not butting into their business. Esperanza and Lushion came face-to-face with the new dispatch operator, who might have a history with Lushion. Pete was a bit aloof to the fact that Eddie is a bad cop, even though Andrew was doing his best to warn him to stay far away from Eddie. How is it possibly that the police department has yet to peg Eddie as a dirty cop? Ben received a visit from Pete who cracked jokes, just as the nurse suspected that Ben was an addict.

Joey was getting closer with Faun who had been warned to stay far away from Natalie’s troublemaking son. The two flirted, and it was apparent the attraction was strong, just as the two decided to smoke a bit of weed to bond. Seems like the good girl does indeed have a bad side and the friends soon became lovers, while getting hot and heavy in the restaurant.

Kelly was awoken from her sleep after seeing someone attempt to break into her neighbor’s home. Esperanza was stunned to realize that Kelly was the one in danger. She came face-to-face with the prep who was trying to break into her neighbor Gene’s home. Kelly was stunned to discover that the culprit was Gene’s son, Ramsey. He was adamant that something was terribly wrong with his mother. It soon became apparent that Gene died in her sleep, but I have the feeling that Ramsey and Kelly are about to become an item.

Alex did her best to get in contact with Brad, but when her daughter answered the phone, it raised concerns for the mother. Her kids asked tons of questions, which Alex did her best to address for her worried kids. Eddie put pressure on Ben to enter the convenience store to retrieve the tape that could incriminate him for shooting off Ben’s hand.

Eddie did his best to rattle Pete who was a bit hesitant to reveal what he was holding in the brown paper bag. Wow, someone stood up to Eddie for once, and I fear Eddie could find himself in hot water. When Lushion learned that Pete was speaking to Eddie it raised his suspicions even more. The battle between good and evil is indeed heating up.

Lushion grilled Pete about venturing to a location where he shouldn’t have been. The authority figure was fuming made as he grilled Pete on whether he had that video tape or not. I’m certain that Pete has that tape, but is keeping things close to his chest. Alex was informed by Kelly about the death of one of their neighbors, just as she inquired about the whereabouts of Brad.

Alex was on edge when she was unable to locate her hubby, which led her to suspect that perhaps Brad and Marcie were hooking up. The final moments of the episode peaked with Randal and Alex entering the shed and coming face-to-face with his wife and former BFF. Let the drama begin because the fire has been ignited, now it’s time to see it explode. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!