HOLLYWOOD—The audience knows that Pete has his hands on that incriminating video tape involving Eddie and Ben on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode ‘The Tape’ focused even more on the ramifications if that video got leaked. Brad was forced to answer tough questions from his kids who wanted to know the details about their new brother and their mother.

The scene was intensified when Eddie stormed into the house making a scene in front of the kids, which prompted Brad to lose his cool. Wow, I would have never imagined that Eddie and Alex were actual cousins. How the hell is this situation even pertinent to him? Miss Louise and Marcie bonded even more once news broke that she was planning to head back home, the two ladies discussed the difficulty of forgiveness especially when the heart is intertwined with their partner.

Pete ignited a relationship with the new dispatch operator who was a bit inquisitive about what he was up to. He did his best to distract her as he watched video of the infamous tape which depicted both Eddie and Ben in a bit of a tussle. As the dispatch operator returned she got a glimpse of the video, hmm, Pete you might want to try to be a bit more careful. Why? His new pal spilled all the beans to Ben about the tape that she just watched, prompting Ben to alert Edward of the situation.

Kelly and Natalie chatted about her getting a bank loan to purchase a new home. Natalie was stunned to discover that Lushion had over $200,000 in the bank, this prompted Kelly to go into panic mode about illegal activity. This sent a red flag to Lushion’s lover who was completely baffled by the news about her baby daddy’s hefty bank account. I have a feeling that this has Eddie written all over it.

Pete had a confrontation with Ben who was doing his best to corner the rookie for his own personal gain. For once, Pete stood his ground and pushed back instead of being pushed. Well that was until Eddie confronted the Rookie about getting his hands on that tape. He did his best to play coy, but Eddie was indeed pushing his buttons, huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. Eddie made threats, but Pete did not back down. Eddie admitted to the dirty deed and he assaulted Pete, just as Lushion intervened. Uh-oh, Eddie may have given Lushion all the ammunition he needs to take down his crooked partner, but Pete was an emotional mess.

Lushion did his best to get the details from Pete who was not willing to disclose what transpired. Wow, that was an emotional scene to say the least as Lushion tried to get Pete to spill the beans. Kelly got an eyeful as she watched her neighbor Ramsey cut the grass. She invited her neighbor into her home as the two continued to flirt and used Marcie as a diversion.

Brad arrived back at the hospital to torture his wife even more causing Alex to go deeper into her depression. Here’s hoping that Brad doesn’t go through with bringing Alex’s parent’s to their house, if so, I fear a bloodbath is about to ensue. Faun continued to put the moves on Joey, who did his best to distance himself from his one-night stand. Faun found herself in the middle of a war as Quan revealed to Julius his plan to solve his money problems by taking loads of loot from Faun.

Marcie made plans to get back to work, as Miss Louise indicated to her daughter-in-law that Randal might soon change his behavior for the better, but she spoke too soon. Randal was fuming red when he recounted that scene of seeing his wife have sex with Brad. He stormed into his house and wrapped his arms around his wife’s throat. Oh, the chaos! Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!