HOLLYWOOD—Last week Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” ended on one climatic note, as Brad accustomed Marcie. This week’s episode, ‘You’re The Boss’ saw Marcie garner the upper-hand as she knocked Brad in the head with a glass bottle before grabbing hold of a butcher knife and fleeing the apartment. Well, we can all say that Marcie is no idiot and if you push the wrong button she will indeed snap people.

Esperanza arrived at the hospital to comfort Natalie who was on pins and needles, and Lushion provided her with an update on what transpired. Too bad Natalie was an emotional wreck as we got that confirmation that Quan is INDEED dead! Natalie was losing it people, I mean losing it literally; some stellar acting on behalf of April Parker Jones.

Back at the police station, Ben alerted Eddie that no information is available on Claudia, and he finally quipped back on his superior officer. Man, I love this sarcasm from Ben; it looks like the narrative is setting up for Eddie to take a massive fall, but at the hands of whom? Marcie arrived at her old house, where Kelly updated her that a ton of chaos has erupted and Marcie was totally confused by the situation.

Marcie had a conversation with Steven who informed her that Randal is missing, and she lost it when Steven questioned if she was culpable in the mayhem. Marcie seemed ambivalent to the possibility that Brad could be capable of such violence, and she revealed that she saw Brad at their apartment. Lushion became concerned when he saw Pete being wheeled to a secure location inside the hospital. Wow, Pete is conscious, and he did his best to convey what was happening, but his memory was fuzzy, which is good news for Eddie, but not Lushion.

Brad was seen getting rid of his muddy boots, just as he received a call from Alex that he ignored. Brad, you’re looking pretty guilty buddy. Eddie showed up to the crime scene, showcasing yet again, that he thinks he is the boss in charge. Eddie continued to push Steven’s buttons, which irked the detective to the degree where it became clear who the boss is. The two traded spars, which resulted in Steven FINALLY removing the dirty cop from the premises, but not before running into Esperanza who called Steven out on his inability to wield his authority when needed.

Marcie lashed out, and she lashed out by throwing things all over the house. It sure looks like Travis is about to turn into full-blown psycho as he continued to make harassing phone calls to Kelly, while stalking her outside of her house, in the presence of the police. He is legit CRAZY! Dammit Kelly, open up to Marcie already, she can sense that something is wrong with you. Let somebody KNOW what is going on and how dangerous Travis has become! When Kelly pressed Marcie about Brad’s involvement in the current situation, she informed Kelly that she saw mud on Brad’s shoes. Ok, this is good, we’re getting somewhere people.

Kelly was adamant about telling the police what Marcie divulged, and the final moments of the episode saw a frantic Alex behind the wheel and finally getting in contact with Brad, but he ended the call without hesitation, and a deer in the road led to Alex crashing her vehicle into a tree. Man, it seems like all the good stuff is teased in the following week’s episode. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!