HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry wrapped the second season of his new OWN drama “If Loving You Is Wrong” this week. The series which follows the ins-and-outs of five women in their marriages and relationships concluded with the birth of Alex’s baby. The question everyone has wanted to know is rather the father was her husband Brad or her neighbor Randal? Trust me the question was answered, but rather its definitive is still up for debate.

The second half of the first season amplified the drama by not dragging out the secret affair. That was a smart move by creator Tyler Perry; it allowed the audience to salivate all of the juicy drama that involved some epic catfights and brawls from likable and not so likable characters. The episode opened with Brad and Randal nearly coming to blows after the scorned lover berated his wife over her betrayal. Randal did his best to be Alex’s hero, but failed to realize the hurt that he caused his wife Marcie.

Both Natalie and Joey continued to show concern for Lushion who was visibly upset about the restaurant shooting. Lushion revealed that his partner Edward was targeted. The discussion finally led Natalie to reveal her love for Lushion even though she did everything in her power to fight it. Kelly was ecstatic to reveal to Marcie details about her sexcapade with Travis, just as Marcie admitted she has given up on her marriage. While the two ladies discussed issues in their lives, Alex stopped by and got an earful from Marcie that left her visibly shaken.

Who knew that little white lie about Marcie and Brad hooking up would turn into some so major for Alex and Randal? Perhaps the biggest cliffhanger of the episode involved Lushion deciding rather to throw his partner Eddie under the bus or not to his boss. I mean we all know he’s a dirty cop, but did the shooting change Lushion’s mind about turning his partner in? I guess we’ll have to wait till next season to find out. Speaking of Eddie, facing death head on, seemed to ‘change’ our wicked one slightly. He showed up at Esperanza’s doorstep a complete mess, sobbing like we’ve never seen him before.

To make matters worse he begged to see his daughter, and confessed his love for his ex-wife who he has tortured. Will Esperanza give her former hubby a second chance or has that ship sailed? Who knows, but the fact that he confessed to having a drug problem and needed help might be just what Eddie needs to become a reformed man? The one question audience’s will face is rather they like the new and improved Eddie or not?

Alex fed up with being silently tortured by her husband, decided to take the kids away, but those inquisitive little minds wouldn’t go without some answers. That led to another confrontation between the estranged couple where Brad was shocked to learn that Marcie had been lying to people about the two of them sleeping together.

He confronted his neighbor about her misdeeds, just as she attempted to use him to make Randal jealous. Unfortunately, Brad had thrown in the towel. He was ready to forgive his wife and attempt to make his marriage work. Such a noble guy, I mean to be hurt in that way seems torturous, but Brad echoed a sentiment so many of us endure, when you love someone, its unbelievably difficult to just let them go.

The moment everyone has been waiting for all season arrived, as the revelation about whose baby Alex was carrying came to light. She went into labor early and for a moment looked like she might miscarry, but guess who showed up to the rescue: Randal. He rushed her to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. Kelly, Natalie and Esperanza all showed up for support, and the ladies demanded that Randal vacate the premises. He was quite hesitant, but when Kelly unleashed her inner beast he left in a flurry.

It became apparent who the father was when the doctor arrived and was in tune with speaking to Brad about the baby. This led to the ladies checking on the newborn to see precisely who the father was. As most of us suspected, the baby turned out to be Randal’s which for a slight moment I hoped wasn’t true, considering how hard Brad has fought to keep his marriage intact. As the ladies discussed the shocker, Brad showed up and the screen went to black.

So Randal is the father of Alex’s baby, so I’d say the marriage between Brad and Alex is dunzo. Could Brad get his broken heart nursed by Marcie, it’s a definite possibility at this point. I think fans are eagerly concerned with finding out precisely what is going to happen with Edward and Lushion. That was such a meaty storyline this season and to be stringed along with no resolution is no fun at all. I guess we’ll have all these questions answered next season “If Loving You Is Wrong” fans!