UNITED STATES—US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents apprehended 76,103 illegal immigrants in the month of February. According to the CBP website, 14,000 family units and 2,900 unaccompanied children were from the Rio Grande Valley.

On Wednesday, March 13 agents in the Rio Grande Valley apprehended the largest group of immigrants this year near McAllen, TX, where 289 illegal aliens were reportedly taken into custody after crossing the levee.

On March 1, a silver Honda Accord reportedly approached the U.S. immigration Border Patrol checkpoint. The car was occupied by an adult male, 62 and his 15-year-old son, who were U.S. citizens. It was reported during their routine inspection, the Border Patrol Canine alerted officers, who noticed “anomalies” or something strange with the battery. Agents discovered a compartment in the battery with four sealed packages that tested positive for cocaine with a street value of $130,000.The adult male was taken into custody and the teen was released into the care of his aunt.

On March 6, CBP agents indicated that they arrested three sex offenders in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas who were gang members with criminal records.  One of the men arrested received 10 years probation for aggravated sexual assault.

In nearby Hildago, TX, a Salvadoran national who entered the United States illegally was confirmed to be a MS-13 gang member. Two days later in Kingsville, TX, CBP agents arrested a U.S. citizen after a failed human smuggling attempt.

A CBP agent assigned to Calexico, California was approached in her border patrol vehicle by Josue Gomez-Reyes. He flung a sharp instrument that was part of a lawnmower blade at the driver’s side window of the car causing injury to the face and arms of the agent. The agent chased the suspect, who was taken into custody.  Gomez-Reyes, a Mexican national in the U.S. illegally was placed under arrest and turned over the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fox News pundit Lou Dobbs interviewed Tim Ballard, previously of Department of Homeland Security, and the founder and CEO of “Operation Underground Railroad.” Ballard’s group works to protect children being smuggled and sex trafficked. He discussed issues pertaining to children traveling to the United States with people not related to them.

When Dobbs asked Ballard what we can do to help, Ballard responded: “Be loud, tell the truth, and listen to the facts.” He spoke of the need for a wall to curb the smuggling of children and force people to enter the country through ports of entry where the children can be rescued.