UNITED STATES—Over the last few decades the slot gambling world has been treated to all manner of new innovations and inventions, something that has in turn resulted in more and more gamblers looking to spin those infamous reels. As a result slot developers and slots sites have even more money to pour into their games, including slots offers which has led to even more exciting advances within the industry – it just doesn’t ever seem to stop, and we absolutely love it! 

There are countless examples of this fact pretty much everywhere you look of course, with things like Big Time Gaming’s Megaways technology blowing the industry wide open. Another important technological advance has been the emergence of infinireels and infinity reels within the slots industry, but are they the same? Keep reading for a lowdown on what infinireels and infinity reels are, and whether or not they are the same. 

How the online slot industry facilitates new slot technology 

Have you ever wondered how on Earth all this new slots technology has come to exist in such a relatively short amount of time? It took several decades for things like video slots to become possible in the 20th century, for example, however these days it seems as though there’s new slot technology hitting the mainstream pretty much every year. 

This is no coincidence though, because the online slot industry is perfectly poised to make use of new slot technology. The main reason for this is simply that everything these days takes place online, and it is much easier for slot developers to therefore create and implement changes – back in the 20th century this would all have to be done physically as well as digitally. 

Infinireels vs Infinity Reels in Slot Machine Games: What are they and are they the same? 

Infinireels and infinity reels are two great examples of how much modern technology is taking things forward in the 21st century online slots industry, but what are they? Well, as you might be able to tell from the name, both of these things are concerned with slot reels, providing gamblers with an almost infinite amount of expansion in regard to the reel grid. 

Both infinireels and infinity reels are essentially like bonus features where more reels are added to the slot when activated. The way they both work is slightly different however, mainly because of the fact that NetEnt owns the infinireels concept, and Reel Play owns the infinity reels concept. In practise they are more or less the same, however there will be small differences in how they work. 

Other modern pieces of slot technology to check out 

One of the main reasons why the 21st century online slot industry is doing so well is because of the various pieces of modern technology that slot developers are using in order to attract as many new gamblers as possible. Here are a few other modern pieces of slot technology to check out: 

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