UNITED STATES—An out of state injury can put a crimp in your plans. If you are on a business trip or vacation and away from home when you got hurt, you will want to know what to do next. It is always good to remember there are established procedures to follow.

But knowing what to do from start to finish will make the process of getting help and filing a claim a lot easier.

I Was Injured While Out of State: What’s Next?

 Anyone who has been injured while away from their home state should:

  • Get immediate medical attention,
  • Document their injuries,
  • Find the right legal counsel.

All of these steps can help ensure that your issues are resolved as soon as possible. Keep in mind that nearly everything you do will be harder when done out of state. Simultaneously, new advances in technology make it easier than ever to get things done, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Get Medical Help

The first thing to do is to get immediate medical attention. Medical care is essential if you have any injuries. It can be hard to determine if you need medical help. In general, all injuries should be checked out. If you see blood anywhere or notice a deep cut, medical assistance is critical. If you have an obviously broken limb, it’s imperative to get it treated immediately.

Injuries can also be more subtle. Head injuries of any kind should be taken very seriously, but they aren’t always obvious. You might feel fine now but find yourself with a sudden headache a few hours later.

If you were knocked unconscious for any period of time, medical attention is a must. Contact 911 if you are finding it hard to get back on your feet. Emergency room medical professionals can determine the extent of your injuries and what further treatment might be needed.

Legal Help

Getting legal help is your next step. Look for someone with a lot of experience in the field. A good lawyer is someone who knows how the law applies to your case. Law specialists can be of tremendous help. For example, a Manhattan tourist accident lawyer is able to handle a wide variety of personal injury cases in one of the busiest cities in the world.

A lawyer should have experience with this type of cases in more than one state if possible. Many lawyers have passed the bar exam in their home state and other states as well. The best tourist accident lawyer is someone who understands the law in your home state as well as the law in the state where you were injured.

If there’s a significant time difference between your home state and the state where you were injured, you want to find a lawyer who is available to answer questions 24/7. Convenient office hours are ideal. A good lawyer will also have technology such as Skype that makes it easy to stay in touch.

Document It All

Documentation is a crucial part of your case. Take your camera out and start taking as many pictures as possible of everything around you after the accident happens. High-resolution pictures of the accident scene can help establish a case in your favor.

If you’re in pain, ask someone in the area to take pictures for you. Take crisp pictures of any injuries you’ve suffered. Document all bruises, cuts, and whatnots if you’ve had a fall. You’ll also want a list of all the medical issues you’re facing.

Getting treatment out of state can be complicated. Make sure you record exactly what you did during every stage of any treatment plan in a personal log. Also, keep all the receipts. This will help ensure that every out-of-pocket expense caused by your injuries has the proper paperwork to back it up.