HOLLYWOOD─I rarely and I mean rarely binge-watch TV shows. There are reasons for this: 1) I don’t have the time 2) The series has to be so good I cannot stop watching. In my lifetime I think I’ve binge-watched 2 series: 1) “Breaking Bad” (no explanation needed) and the HBO comedy 2) “Insecure.” The series written and starring Issa Rae is comic gold people, I mean it’s comic gold. Rae is stellar, not just as the star, but as the creator of the series. This is a character that is as flawed as they come people.

I mean she had her happily ever after with Lawrence, but she screwed that up after sleeping with her ex Daniel. Fans of the show desperately want these two to get back together, but it seems there is always an obstacle in the way, just when the audience thinks that lightning will strike again. I mean let’s be honest, Issa has her pick of three guys at her fingertips, actually two to be honest, Lawrence is semi-dating someone who is helping Issa on her new career journey, Nathan has returned to Issa’s life after going MIA and Daniel, well, he’s always going to have her back no matter how dirty Issa does him.

With that said, season three ended with Issa taking control of her life, Lawrence moving on with his life in the dating world and Molly deciding to give Andrew another chance after having some harsh words with her bestie. I will admit when it comes to exceptional comic relief, no one delivers it better than Kelli. The girl has a sharp tongue that is spiked with so much wit you will burst out in laughter if you’re watching this series with the family or by one’s self. The season four premiere episode, ‘Lowkey Feelin’ Myself’ teased the audience of things to come. At first, I thought I might be mishearing things, but it’s absolutely clear now that when Issa was talking to someone over the phone, she clearly noted she doesn’t ‘mess with Molly.’ That was a foreshadowing as we travel four months before the big block party that Issa has been working on.

She has been working closely with Condola, who happens to be dating Lawrence, but guess what Issa has no idea! Yeah, it was crazy seeing how close these two women have gotten and neither are aware that they’re much closer than they think. In other news Molly seemed to have developed strong feelings for Andrew and is testing the waters with a relationship. There is just one slight problem: Andrew is still dating people. Molly hasn’t put it out there that she LIKES Andrew like that and considering the recent cold shoulders she has given him, what does she expect a guy to do people?

Back to Issa, thanks to Tiffany, Issa learned Condola is dating her ex, and Condola learned she is working closely with Lawrence’s ex. Man, I didn’t think those two had been together for 5 years. It seemed shorter in hindsight, but I know I’m not the only person rooting for these two to get back together. In the midst of that conflict, Issa and Condola grappled with rather they could continue their working relationship knowing the truth about their situation. To say things were awkward was a complete understatement for me people.

Lawrence was forced to share more details about his past with Condola, just as it appeared Issa was moving on with the security guard. I would argue that was more a fling than anything else. As the episode closed, Issa took control of her fears and really got the ball moving in support of her big block party signing up donors, as the friction between her and Molly started to appear. I will admit this episode was a bit massive with the sexual content, but hey, we’re all adults here.

With that said, it looks like the friendship between Molly and Issa will be tested once again this season. We’ve seen in the past Issa be iced by Molly, but now it looks like Molly might be iced by Issa. That’s what I love about this series; while it’s a comedy, “Insecure” finds a way to have dramatic flair that is powerful and directly connects with the audience when you least expect it people. New episodes of “Insecure” air Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.