HOLLYWOOD—The end is near America. I am referring to “Insecure.” The penultimate episode before next week’s series finale transpired this week. This week’s episode, ‘Out, Okay?! saw Issa and Nathan looking at places, just as Molly and Taurean’s relationship continued to blossom, especially after she learned that he made partner. Lawrence was debating about rather he was going to attend Tiffany and Derek’s going away party because he didn’t want any awkward energy by running into Issa.

It looks like Lawrence is starting to realize he maybe should have fought harder for his relationship with Issa. Kelli, Issa, Molly and their respective others attended Tiffany and Derek’s going away party. Let the awkward energy enter the room, as Lawrence and Condola arrived and looks were given people. That look between Issa and Lawrence said it all people. Molly was stunned to see a fling appear at the farewell party people, that was the one laugh during the episode that was worth it people.

It was funny witnessing Nathan and Lawrence conversing and talking about BBQ, but it was apparent that Issa was at the core of the barbs between the two guys. Awkward, to say without the least people, as you could cut the tension with a knife. When Nathan made it clear him and Issa were looking at house, Lawrence gave a look that could shatter.

Molly, Issa, Kelli and Tiffany’s girl moment was interrupted by Condola entering the kitchen with her son. Issa didn’t react the same way she did in her previous fantasy, she showed she can be a mature adult.  Molly’s relationship with Taurean could crash and burn, as her past flame met her current flame. Nathan had his feelings in play about Lawrence and the hold he still has on Issa. Yeah, Nathan, Issa’s relationship with Lawrence is much stronger than you know buddy.

Watching Molly and Taurean devour those appetizers was so disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Being locked into the pantry turned into a make-out session as feelings were confessed and things were taken to the next level. It was the conversation the audience wanted to see between Lawrence and Issa about the status of their relationship. He confessed his love for Issa, and she was literally speechless. Issa, Lawrence just confessed to you that he is still in love with you! Just as Nathan overheard everything!

Issa tried to break things up between her lovers, but the situation exploded and all hell broke loose. That is how you deliver a penultimate episode America! Damn, that is what you call a cliffhanger before the finale. I have no idea what to expect next week as “Insecure” bids adieu.