LOS ALTOS—SB Capital, Commercial Mortgage Bankers and Fund Managers for Investors Prime Fund is a distinguished firm that investors can count on in these troubling economic times that find the stock market going in every direction at any given time. Jeff Pineda, the company’s vice president spoke exclusively with Canyon News recently about the company and the services they provide. “Investors Prime Fund was founded in May of 2005, and began doing business in June of 2006. We have a four year track record now. I personally have been in the financial and commercial real estate industry since 2003,” said Pineda.

The company prides itself on being available to their clients. Many times clients of huge firms have said they can’t find anyone to talk to when they have questions. However, contacting this firm you find not only someone to talk during business hours, but you find very professional and courteous individuals who take their clients’ needs seriously. Pineda emphasized, “Our clients can expect first class personal service from Isabella Luthje, our newest addition to the SB Capital team. She can answer any questions potential investors may have and will be the designated ”˜personal account manager’ for all new Southern California Fund Members.”

Fully staffed with professionals who are part of what is considered a team of experts who are part of the new economic and financial world. The one thing investors today need, is the ability to know their money and the advice they receive about important financial matters will be handled by fresh, young, yet experienced professionals who have an ability to understand today’s world economy and the need for future investments instead of the old way of thinking. This is one of the important aspects of SB Capital. It is filled with professionals who know the “new economy.”

When asked, why investors should choose their services in this time of economic upheaval, the company’s vice president said of their company’s outlook, “Investors Prime Fund has never experienced an operating loss in its four year history and has never failed to return a minimum of 6.5 percent compounded annual yield to it’s members. The 3 year cumulative average has been closer to 8 percent actually. In April of 2010, Investors Prime Fund was granted a 7a Federal Licensing that provides 75-90 percent Government Guarantee on all future Fund note investments. This Government Guarantee, along with First Trust Deeds against all qualifying commercial properties, provides a unique level of principle security to all Fund Members. SB Capital/Investors Prime Fund is one of only fourteen companies in the country to hold such licensing.”

Knowing that investment should start the sooner the better for most people, I asked Jeff Pineda if someone with less money to invest than say, their parents, should also consider his company’s services, and who specifically could be a candidate to become a client. “Fund Membership is limited to California residents only who meet certain income and/or net worth requirements. Fund investment should not exceed 10 percent of available liquidity and new members must have a minimum net worth of $250,000 with an annual income of $65,000 or more, or a minimum net worth of $500,000 if retired. The minimum investment is pretty small however at $25,000 and the minimum investment period is six months. We try to accommodate all level of investors, said Pineda.

SB Capital is the company which has been called Investors Prime Fund. The company’s website is Investors Prime Fund.

Contact the prestigous firm at: 310-764-4966