UNITED STATES—A proxy server is a server located between users and the Internet. It acts as a filter or compression zone for cyberattack attempts.

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Advantages of Using an Iran Proxy Server

Proxy servers offer users a number of advantages. It is important to note that these benefits depend on the type and configuration of the proxy server. Users should always find out the specific capabilities of a proxy server before using it.

  1. Anonymous browsing – anonymous proxies allow users to browse the web anonymously by hiding their IP addresses.
  2. Security – some types of proxies (e.g. HTTPS proxies) can be configured to provide a secure connection using encryption. Organizations can use transparent proxies to block certain websites that are flagged as malware. Some proxies can block malicious emails, such as phishing attacks, from reaching employees’ inboxes. Reverse proxies effectively help organizations prevent distributed denial of service attacks by blocking suspicious and repetitive requests.
  3. Web filtering – organizations often use transparent proxy servers to restrict employee access to certain websites. Transparent proxies also log user activity, allowing organizations to monitor employee Internet usage at work.
  4. Speeding up the Internet – proxy servers can speed up data transfer and save bandwidth by caching popular websites. When a user requests data from a server through a proxy server, the proxy server first checks to see if there is a cached copy in its database. Cached data reduces the number of web requests from the proxy server, making data retrieval much faster for the user. Reverse proxies are often used for load balancing, which distributes user requests evenly across servers to improve speed.
  5. Change of geolocation – organizations may use reverse proxies for online marketing activities where data is geolocation dependent. Such activities may include price aggregation, web scraping, market research, and SEO.

Now you know about the benefits, but is it safe enough to use this type of service?

Security of Using a Proxy Service

Proxy server security ultimately comes down to the type of proxy server and server configuration. Users should understand how the particular proxy server they are using works before engaging in web activities through it.

Although proxy services offer the user some privacy by hiding their IP address, the proxy server itself records this information along with their browsing history. Depending on the type of proxy service, this data can be transmitted to external parties, which can lead to data leakage.

Some proxy servers are not configured for encryption, which means that a user’s online activities are available in clear text to anyone. Users should assume that a proxy server is not encrypted unless otherwise specified in the proxy server settings and use unencrypted proxy servers at their own risk.

Private proxies like Soax are more secure than public proxies because they provide exclusive access to users and are not open for use by anyone on the Internet.

Generally, free proxy servers are the least secure to use because they are openly accessible and often unencrypted.

Proxy Server Settings

Proxy server settings differ in different operating systems and web browsers.

You need to find the local area network (LAN) settings for your operating system or browser, enter the proxy server address, port number and other relevant information.

  • mac with macOS operating system – proxy server configuration settings for Wi-Fi or Ethernet can be found in System Preferences;
  • apple iPhone running on iOS – proxy configuration settings can be found in Wi-Fi Settings;
  • microsoft Windows 10 – proxy server settings can be found under Internet Options > Connections > Local Area Network Settings;
  • safari – proxy settings can be found in Safari System Preferences;
  • mozilla firefox – proxy settings can be found in Firefox network settings;
  • google chrome – proxy settings can be found in the Devices > Network section.

Thus, a proxy server can be used by you for cybersecurity purposes. Because they sit between users and the Internet, proxy servers can prevent cybercriminals from connecting to a private network.

And this is definitely a better solution than using a VPN all the time.