HOLLYWOOD─The rumor mill is churning yet again for “Big Brother” fans. I will admit I didn’t think we would see my summer guilty pleasure in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it looks like CBS is working to give fans what we’ve been asking for since “Big Brother 7,” the last time we had an all-stars version of the hit reality competition. However, this year, the rumors might have a bit of clout with TVLine and US Magazine reporting some previous contestants have been reached out to for a potential all-stars season set to happen possibly this summer!

Is this great news? Yes, but I fear the notion of all-stars will not deliver us the level of caliber that we come to hope to have people. First, we’re in the middle of a crisis, and I can see some people just not wanting to give up their summer to compete in a house where they are trapped with other people for several months. However, I have a feeling the latest “Survivor: Winners at War” was the catalyst that got the producers of BB to realize this is something they NEED to do because fans have been asking for it tirelessly. I mean it would also help if the prize money was increased from $500,000 to $1 million if not $2 million if we truly get the best of the best to compete again people.

With that said, you are talking about a die-hard fan, who has watched every season of this series since its start in 2000, with that trial season that was a complete bust. I will admit I skipped season 4 for the most part, as well as season 9, and jumped in and out on season 12 that got a bit predictable. With that said, I know who the all-stars are and who are teetering on the scale of just being a name. Look, BB7 was one of my favorites; it ranks third when it comes to the best of the best of seasons. I hold BB6 at the top because it was just terrific TV, BB10 was epic and BB7 falls right below.

For those thinking we’ll see the great Dr. Will Kirby, don’t bet your money on it, I just don’t see Will playing again, he’s already played TWICE, on his first go around he was victorious and nearly won his second time around without any competition wins. The guy has nothing to prove people. Janelle, I love this woman, she is the reason I became an even bigger fan of the series during BB6 and BB7, I mean she was a tiebreaker question away from the finales on BB6 and should have taken it all on BB7 if she didn’t lose the first and second final part HOH competitions.

The problem is Janelle has already played 3 times, last on BB14, where she didn’t even make jury. She now has kids and a career, and noted on social media that she is not interested in playing again. Then we have Dan Gheesling, one of the best to play the game, ‘Dan’s Funeral’ is one of the greatest moves of all time, escaping certain eviction against his nemesis Frank in BB14. Dan has proven his status as a legend, and doesn’t need to play again, but if we had the best of the best playing, I could see Dan playing especially if the prize money is high. So count these guys out, could it happen? Yeah, but not this summer.

With that said, Derrick Levasseur has also been ranked pretty high with his dominating game in BB16 that took him to victory. Levasseur noted he would play if other legends like Dan and Will were in the mix, and I don’t see that so count Derrick out people. Other names to dismiss Vanessa Russo, who was the best female player since Danielle Reyes of BB3, just had babies, and Rachel Reilly was hated on BB12, and became a favorite on BB13, but she also announced she is expecting a baby, so count her out as well people. With all this said, people need to be aware that we might get an all-stars season, but it may NOT be the people that you expect.

We can absolutely skip seeing anyone from BB15 (that season had some great gameplay), but put BB on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, CBS wants to distant itself from that season as much as possible, the same applies for BB19 and BB21. Could I see a few people return from those seasons, yeah, but I think CBS might be playing with fire by bringing anyone back from those seasons. Especially, those who were hated by the fandom.

So my focus is on people who should be asked back for all-stars, ones that made for great TV. If we’re going back to BB2, it’s so old school I don’t see anyone coming back. BB3 was a standout and we should consider Jason Guy and Lisa Donahue, I would argue Danielle, but I don’t know if she’d play again, but it would be fun to see. BB4 is skippable, with BB5 I would love to see Karen and Will play again, with BB6, we’ve seen most of them already play twice, those we wanted to see anyway. BB8, the only players I would love to see again are Daniele Donato and Eric Stein, whose game were stifled by a twist.

BB10, this is the season where I want to see some all-stars people. Keesha, Libra, Michelle, Jessie, Memphis, Renny, should I continue? This season had some stellar game play, and I know we can’t get all these players back, but Keesha definitely deserves another shot, as does Libra, Michelle and Memphis. I’m hoping for any of these players to be cast if the rumors are true. Please let the BB Gods shine on us with casting at least 2 players from this season.

I’d love to see Kevin or Russell from BB11 to get another shot, let’s skip BB12 because the only person I’d want to see back is the guy who created The Brigade in Matt Hoffman. I just don’t see any standouts from BB13 or BB14 beyond the returning players who shook the game. I would like to see BB14 winner Ian Terry play again. If anyone from BB16 deserves another shot it has to be Donny Thompson, who was just screwed by Team America people. For BB17, there are some all-stars in my opinion, Johnny Mac has to be considered people, as does Jason Roy, who should have won BBOTT if he wasn’t so nasty during that season, and as much as I’d like to see Da’Vonne play again, she’s already played twice, do we need to see her a third time and more importantly has she learned her lesson?

For BB18, I’d like to see Paulie Calafiore play again. He dominated the first half of the game and went down in epic fashion people. Michelle would also be fun, but rather she can control the crying is another story. As much as I hated Paul in BB19, the guy played his a** off and if its all-stars he deserves another shot, I mean he got to final two TWICE and lost both times by 1 vote. Hate him or love him that is amazing gameplay people. The only other players from BB19 to be considered would be Jessica and Cody, and they announced they’re preggers again so count them out people.

Now, I can absolutely see some names from BB20 who deserve another shot and I’d love to see play again Tyler first and foremost, the guy played a dominating game and deserves another shot, I’d like to see Swaggy again to see if he can tone his energy down, I loved Haleigh and thought she was an HOH win away from shaking up the game, Brett was just amazing TV, as was Rockstar and even Angela, who was the Ice Queen, as much as I hated her, I loved her at the same time. I can absolutely see 2-3 people from this season playing again.

And cue BB21, the season that left so many BB fans including myself just disgusted. Should Kemi, David, Ovi get another shot, yes, but this is all-stars and they have yet to prove their caliber. Beyond those 3, I’d only like to see Nicole play again, I’d argue Tommy and Christie, but it’s too fresh for me and I’m not sure I want to see them so soon, definitely not together.

Don’t ask me to compile a list of who should be cast because I would truly have to think about it, in addition to weighing what I KNOW we will get versus what I WANT us to get. I mean I expect more recent players to be cast, but I hope the powers that be at BB will consider the following: 1) older school players 2) focus on people who want to play and not build a social media following 3) diversity and 4) contestants a bit older. Diversity might be the most important. I don’t want to see 1-2 players of color, if its all-stars you can find some notable names of color who people want to see play again; it’s not impossible.

If the rumors are true and “Big Brother 22” is indeed all-stars, it’s a long time coming, so the BB Gods better not disappoint fans, we’re long overdue for an epic season people.